Sunday, April 29, 2018

President of Chaos Donald Trump goes haywire in Michigan ... by gimleteye

Donald Trump will never veer from the advice drummed into his ear by one of the right wing's most hideous manifestations: Roy Cohn: "when in trouble, double down". Cohn's direction served Trump as well as it did Cohn's mentor, Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950's, when he paralyzed Washington with the House Un-American Committee (until McCarthy's paranoia and addiction dumped him into the waste bin of history).

Over time, Trump parlayed a bankrupt real estate empire into a billion dollar brand, turning himself into a latter-day PT Barnum. A sucker is born every minute, but put an asterisk next to Trump's name: he could not have been elected president but for Facebook and Moscow Center. That's a separate story.

Last week, the House Republican Intelligence Committee released its investigation of allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and found none. As political observer Seth Abramson illustrates in this damning thread on Twitter, summarizing the House minority report and concluding the opposite; there is enough in the public record now to bring impeachment charges against Trump.

Because impeachment charges will not happen until control of Congress reverts to the Democrats, the most bizarre phase of US presidential history (Queens NYC version of Beverly Hillbillies meets Dallas mashed up with Homeland) will equally condemn a morally bankrupt Republican Party and Trump.

While the White House Correspondents Dinner was ridiculing the aberrant behavior, Trump made a campaign stop in Michigan where he threw out the script again, engaging the crowd in full-throated performance art in which he conjured Leni Riefenstahl, the Nazi ingenue who painted the Third Reich in video for the world to see, and Josef Goebbels, Hitler's master of propaganda. He belittled his enemies (all Democrats and all journalists except Rupert Murdoch's stable at Fox), he ridiculed conspiracy theories about Russia collusion (without noting his rise to political visibility was entirely dependent on conspiracy theories), and he personalized the persecution against him and his audience.

Working in this White House must be an absolute nightmare because Trump is an unguided missile. The only certainty: that Trump will wake up, watch Fox & Friends, take whatever medication he is on, then tweet and frame the rest of his day around whatever fuels his instinct for self-preservation. Everyone else is there in court, on pins and needles, to cater the instant demands of a mad king.

Fortunately the madness reigning the White House and among Congressional Republicans is not contagious. American voters have a chance to put a corrective fix in place this November -- and in special elections leading to November. A blue wave is coming.


Anonymous said...

I see little evidence he’s taking his meds.

Anonymous said...

QANON, look it up.

Barbara Falsey said...

Great article and oh i hope that blue tide runs on and on -- still worried though. he is a mad emperor and his court (including congress) has not yet noticed that enough to stand up to him.

Anonymous said...

The end is near. With the 49 questions all you have to do is cut and paste all his tweets under the appropriate questions, add documents like emails, bank statements, recorded telephone conversations, recorded meetings, notes, etc., add statements and documentation for everyone who has already flipped and testified against him, and bingo --- resign or be thrown out. They already have the answers and supporting documentation to all 49 questions. The question is will he lie under oath? Or will he take the fifth and resign?

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Micheal Moore, Dems activists who think that they will be saved by the likes of Chuck Schulmer or the Muller investigation, or Trump mishaps are just kidding themselves. As the intracept's jonathan scahill said in a recent podcast, HRC was perfectly capable of loosing this winnable election just as she lost the primary in 2008 to Obama.

Trump voters deserve THEIR concerns to be addressed and the Dems officials like DNC Perez and frmr Speaker Pelosi are not talking to Ohio, WVA, and the heartland. To remove Trump who was elected by these voters, would create a legitimization crisis.
Liberals need a "populist" strategy from the left. Trump voters were Obama voters in 2008.
A real populist strategy, not a weak internationalist neo liberal one offered by Obama and HRC. Otherwise a blue tide will fizzle shortly after victory just as Pelosi and Obama lost Congesss for failing to persecute the banks. But long before Bannon will be back to save Trump with another neo fascist nationalist congressional campaign.
Mark my words, they will counter this blue tide with a trade war propaganda campaign or racism or something else.