Saturday, April 28, 2018

Alex Steffen: Sobering, accurate analysis of what climate change means to economic prosperity ... by gimleteye

For the twitter thread by Alex Steffen: click this link. It is well worth reading ... a friend of mine called the phenomenon of global warming a "delamination" of civilization. It happens slowly. The linkages we depend on for industrial economies are not as durable as they seem. Steffan has another metaphor: "the brittleness bubble".

It is an excellent analogy, because climate change -- slowly, but now with accelerating speed -- is introducing brittleness to the stability and elasticity of predictable seasons and rainfall cycles we require for food production, across the globe. Steffen writes, "There are many vectors for brittleness." He's right, and that's why his analogy captures the impacts of global warming better than "delamination".

For more, read Steffen's thesis on his Twitter thread.

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Anonymous said...

Think the disruption caused by the end of the Roman Empire.
And presently we have the best leader to use that kind of crisis to create the maximum chaos.