Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Miami Stop! By Geniusofdespair

Okay, I am super bored already. That was about 11:30.

By 1:30 I tried to steal the food of the out of State reporters. They were a nasty bunch, "Hey we paid for this". They were all busy writing. What the hell were they writing about? They weren't talking to any people and nothing whatsoever was  going on.

Well anyway I took a few photos. When Hillary finally came out she was wearing this grandma, pastel pants suit. Will you throw out those pants suits please Hillary. Get some nice custom fitted ones and no pastels. Ick on pastels. Get a stylist too.
I googled ugly grandma pants suits and got the picture at right. Hillary, buy better stuff like the one on the left I found (I fattened up the model. It is so much more modern. Have them custom fitted, just look better dressed please.
Anyway, I was exhausted from doing nothing, eating nothing and drinking nothing so I left soon after Hillary mounted the stage. I liked the protesting Trump supporters outside they were pretty entertaining. One lady said she was afraid of Democrats because they attack people. She was the scariest of them all. Let me dig up a photo of her. Watch out for her she is deathly afraid, I had to assure her I was the press and not affiliated with any party.

My Rick Scott Video Violates Copyright Law. By Geniusofdespair

Now I ask all of you, if Govenor Rick Scott is presiding over a meeting, how could I be violating copyright law? If it is on the internet how can I not be able to copy it?  It is a public record if that asshole Governor and the Cabinet of Florida is in it wouldn't you think that?? What are they trying to hide?

My original video in Gimleteye's post is gone.

So let's get the facts on Gov. Rick Scott's pardon of one William White on June 24, 2015 (see: minute 51:00)


"William S. White Chairman U..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Florida Legislature/WFSU-TV, agent for copyright enforcement. 
This is the video they took down. It takes a long time to load. Doesn't work on a phone. I had a copy. NOTE WE DO NOT KNOW THE CHARGES BECAUSE RICK SCOTT INTERRUPTED THE ATTORNEY AND DID NOT LET HER READ THEM INTO THE RECORD.  SHE SEEMS SURPRISED.  COVER-UP??


Eminent Domain And Big Sugar: Time to Get Started ... by gimleteye

Back in March, I wrote about eminent domain for Huffington Post: "Oligarchs In Florida: How An “Arab Spring” Could Make Big Sugar Even Wealthier But Save The State". The case for eminent domain in the Everglades Agricultural Area is on the table in Florida, thanks to Florida Senator Bill Nelson who recently endorsed action by federal agencies to initiate eminent domain proceedings, starting with a rigorous analysis to identify the most suitably located lands in sugarcane production to convert to water storage and treatment marshes for the critical public purpose of relieving Florida's estuaries and bays from their role as Big Sugar's sacrifice zones.

The EAA plus surrounding public lands including Everglades National Park comprise a total of about 2 million acres — historically, natural wetlands — but Big Sugar’s hammerlock on water management infrastructure and flood control practices ensure that the entire state dances to its tune.

Big Sugar gets what it wants, when it wants it. This turns into a problem during times of drought and flood; more the norm than the exception in a rapidly changing world where the state’s population growth collides with the impacts of climate change.

The chorus is rising: buy Big Sugar lands, send clean, fresh water south. What this means is taking about 100,000 acres out of sugarcane production to the purpose of storage and cleansing marshes so that Lake Okeechobee stormwater runoff doesn’t destroy property values, tourism-dependent businesses, and natural resources around the southern rim of the state.

The refusals from Big Sugar (“We are just ordinary people and good citizens who care” and “we’ve already done our fair share”) cannot stand up to fact and science.

For Huffington Post, Jane Kleeb takes up the eminent domain theme: "Keystone XL and Eminent Domain Embody the Republicans' Crisis of Identity."

The Republican Party is facing a serious crisis of identity. On the one hand, they stand up for property rights in their Platform, which would be music to the ears of rural voters and urban folks on the front line of pipeline fights if the GOP were not also Keystone XL’s biggest cheerleader. Not only do they praise the foreign pipeline in their Platform, but also using it as a proxy for their energy policy: drill anywhere and everywhere, no matter the risk.

The Republicans’ stance on ending eminent domain abuse while supporting the Keystone XL pipeline is the perfect case study of how the GOP can’t seem to find its identity.

The Republican Platform says, “The Framers of our government knew, from history and experience, that when private property is not secure, freedom is at risk.” Then, later in the Platform document, they go on to say that they support the Keystone XL pipeline and the only reason the pipeline was rejected was President Obama caving to “environmental extremists” clealry ignoring the threat the pipeline posed to landowners’ property rights along its route.

There is no question environmentalists helped stop the pipeline, but it was the unlikely alliance of climate advocates, farmers, ranchers, and Native communities who were on the front lines of the fight. Landowners went to court battling eminent domain, which ultimately was a huge factor in stopping the risky pipeline.

In fact, eminent domain has a routine, not an exceptional, place in U.S. legislative and judicial systems. When utilities need right of ways or local governments need roadway expansions, eminent domain is a powerful tool. It is a tool that also gives private property owners a means to be equitably compensated for loss of land.

The central question about eminent domain is whether it serves an important public purpose. For the fossil fuel industries, driving the Keystone pipeline through eminent domain, was a very important purpose. But it was a narrow purpose for industrial (and polluting) profits. On the other side of the ledger, it is very clear that using eminent domain to perpetuate the risks of climate change made the Keystone XL a very damaging project to the public interest.

Using eminent domain to negotiate conversion of Big Sugar lands into storage and cleansing marshes promotes another public choice. The domination of this polluting industry (involving a crop that benefits from the most egregious form of corporate welfare and subsidies) is already, in situ, a bad decision. Algae blooms now surrounding the southern half of the Florida peninsula demonstrate what a poor decision it has been to turn over water management to users like Big Sugar.

Eminent domain in South Florida, unlike Keystone XL, advances and does not subtract from the public choice do support clean water, coastal real estate values, and a vibrant tourism-based economy.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Vote for Mucarsel-Powell in District 39! Good Letter in the Miami Herald on Aniterre Flores and FPL Ties. By Geniusofdespair

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
Anitere Flores, State Senator from District 39, wrote on July 7th, (“Protecting our water supply, economy") that she wants to protect consumers from environmental harm and Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) Turkey Point nuclear reactors. That is absurd.

Over time, Flores has been a friend to FPL. She has taken campaign contributions from the company and its executives. Flores has also taken over $10,000 from sugarcane producers; polluters whose discharges helped create the toxic algae nightmare threatening our state.

Flores’s “newfound environmentalism” is one benefit of redistricting, but it doesn’t change the fact she voted to raid environmental trust funds, taking $172 million intended to protect shorelines water and air quality.

Flores November opponent is Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a non-profit executive and community activist. While Flores sides with her campaign contributors over what’s best for our community, Mucarsel-Powell actually worked for our communities. She stated that she will refuse money from FPL, the utility company contaminating our drinking water aquifer and polluting a national park, and also from sugarcane producers.

Those who prioritize profits over the health of our citizens, environment, and our economy should not be in elected office.

I hope voters aren’t fooled by Flores and her foxhole conversion.

- Suzanne Ferreira

Donald Trump In Context: The Cultural Revolution ... by gimleteye

"I am your voice", Donald Trump proclaimed to the world from a stage last night, the final night of the Republican National Convention. His dark, apocalyptic speech was from the grammar of a cult and evoked memories of another time and revolution: China under Chairman Mao.

The words that follow, "I am your voice", are: "If you don't listen to me, you will be punished." Mao, the autocrat, feared attack from all directions. The Little Red Book, filled with his aphorisms, served as a way to congeal ideology like a hardened shield.

The GOP has devolved into a political party that uses the Constitution as the same hardened shield as the Little Red Book: to rigidly enforce orthodoxies that guarantee corporate power under protections of individual freedom. Trump had the gut instinct to take the shield and make it his own.

Mao fit the mold of empire. And Trump does, too, in the unacknowledged change of the American experience. Still, we never had a candidate from a major political party so unqualified to be president. Trump has no experience in formation of public policy, he has never served in public office, and his record in business is mainly successful by gaming contractual relationships.

His was an narrow way to wealth, but it fits the thin keyhole that is today's Republican Party.

American voters will punish a party whose ideas have run out of gas except as a vehicle for the nation's largest polluting industries. The United States will not vote the cult of Donald Trump for president.

Proposed Changes to Pollution Limits of Toxic Substances. By Geniusofdespair

More Florida citizens might develop cancer with these new exposure limits, using a carcinogenic "Chemical Risk Calculation" that is 10 times (or sometimes 100 times) higher than the current rule allows. - Rachel Silverstein, Miami Water Keeper

Dear Secretary Stevenson - Florida DEP - July 21st

Coming around again. by Geniusofdespair

I switched my political party so I could vote against Daphne Cambell in the State Senator primary.

I am a Democrat, once again! I had a good run as a Pub. Love the Donald (cough, cough) but I heard God calling me back to the only party Jesus would join: Democrat.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hallelujah: Roger Ailes is gone! ... by gimleteye

Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch did great harm to public discourse in America. Ailes is gone. Finally.

The headline from Reuters reads, "Divisive Ailes gave conservatives a TV home at Fox News". Not exactly. Ailes gave corporate power and authority -- and advertising revenue to support editorial content -- a safe home at Fox.

He built an empire based on stirring fear, and he will be remembered for sexually harassing women less powerful than him. Had Ailes been bought off early, an Ailes-free Fox would have been worth a hundred times the cost of his severance package.

Good riddance.

Roger Ailes has reached an agreement with 21st Century Fox to leave his post as chairman and chief executive of Fox News. (Fox)
Stephen Battaglio

Rupert Murdoch had long been the staunchest supporter of Fox News chief Roger Ailes. Now he is replacing him, in the wake of sexual harassment charges that led to Ailes’ abrupt departure.

In a move aimed at calming the cable news powerhouse - and a tacit acknowledgment that there was no obvious successor to Ailes – Murdoch assumed the role of acting chairman and chief executive of Fox News, in addition to his role as executive chairman of 21st Century Fox.

We are a better nation than Republicans believe us to be ... by gimleteye

I, along with legions of pundits, haul ourselves dispiritedly in rows of tired scribes and observers; drudging soldiers from the penultimate night of the Republican convention.

We walk in lines to word processors, on blogs, in newsprint, to TV studio sets and mail chimps; we walk quietly, tired, barefoot in pajamas, dirty socks, or Sunday best; throwing unusable fonts from our rucksacks, checking to see if any sweat drips from our brows or pancake make-up covers the mole, the bald pate. Whether virtual participants or walking amidst citizens expressing their freedoms with AK 47s strapped to their backs, we depress the keys on our keyboards or step heavily away from the Cleveland convention center, the Republican National Convention, to make sense of the world; yelping alarmists, channelers of the public mind, pimps and prostitutes, agile minds and purveyors of canards.

The sage sit at home. TVs turned off. They meditate in the quiet dark like Jeb Bush.

There must be thousands of us in the army of pundits, soldiers in the 24/7 news cycle squinting to count change distributed by barristas -- "No I don't need a copy of my receipt! -- pinging words from wireless networks, through routers God knows where, into the interweb, hoping that something will stick to the velcro'd brain of America. Is Roger Ailes the only man who knows how to do this? Groping. Feeling for the spirit of America beneath her dress? Conveying the electric touch of, what? Clarity.

So this morning I come to task of oracle or at least writing lines for a chorus in a Greek tragedy. Tempted as I may be, to write as if for Mel Brooks an updated version of the hit song in The Producers: "Springtime for Hitler In Germany".

I rest my wrists on the metallic pad of the laptop and my fingers on the keys, and begin: Last night the worst governor in the history of Florida, Rick Scott, made his appearance on the stage of the Republican convention.

Scott -- whose unpopularity in his home state had not penetrated the Cleveland audience that preferred to seethe than understand -- said that the November election will be about "jobs and terrorism". Radical Islamic terrorism!

How many times must this be said: terrorism is a condition. There is no war against a condition. ISIS is an army. Yes, we can and we are fighting ISIS! It's happening right now!

By harping on "radical Islamic terorrism" we play into the hands of those who use fear and suspicion to enforce orthodoxies in Islamic states. We can't dictate from our comfortable aeries in Trump Towers or the suburbs of Cleveland: "Moderate Islamic states, root out the radicals in your midst!" any more than Sunnis in Bagdhad can dictate to ours, "Root out your Jerry Falwells, your Pat Robertsons, and evangelist Christians!"

Calling names is a technique of schoolyard bullies. First they call names, then they rally weaker allies to their cause, then they slap and target "the other". Like Barack Obama. Or women. Like Hillary Clinton.

I can't help watch the proceedings in Cleveland and believe that the screamers and the shouters are a fringe. They do not represent my America.

My America not only tolerates dissent. My America encourages and embraces diversity. Racial diversity. Ethnic diversity. Religious diversity. My America leaves people to be free as free in their own bedrooms as they are anywhere else in the United States. My America doesn't wear patriotism like button lapel flags but expresses it quietly in acts of kindness and compassion. My America abhors extremism in any form but especially the notion that we must be driven to the practices of our enemies. My America will not vote for Donald Trump or the cult of personality that is filling the vacuum in GOP ideas.

Lastly, to monied interests and corporations funding this Republican convention but refusing to show their faces: shame. Shame. My America deserves a Republican Party reshaped away from those appeals -- like Rick Scott's -- that are designed to trigger fear and anxiety.

In November, American voters will prove we are a better nation than Republicans believe us to be.

Moving South. By Geniusofdespair

I have lived in the North end of the County since 1992. I am moving South. No, not to Hudstead. But South of North. This is like the mosquito Zika crap, isn't it: We found a case of Zika in Miami Dade County but we can't tell you where.

The Florida Department of Health will distribute Zika prevention kits and mosquito repellent in the affected Miami-Dade neighborhood — the location has not been disclosed by the state — and make those resources available to county residents.
So give us the scoop someone, where is Zika Ground Zero? Wouldn't it be easier if we could avoid the area? We all know all mosquitos stay local. I am moving South to where Zika probably is and I am going to Nice as well. Death Wish? I think I am going to wear this T Shirt around the County and see what happens.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

From Elizabeth Kolbert in The New Yorker: "How Redistricting Turned America From Blue To Red"

How redistricting turned America from blue to red.
By Elizabeth Kolbert

Sometime around October 20, 1788, Patrick Henry rode from his seventeen-hundred-acre farm in Prince Edward, Virginia, to a session of the General Assembly in Richmond. Henry is now famous for having declared, on the eve of the Revolution, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”—a phrase it’s doubtful that he ever uttered—but in the late seventeen-eighties he was best known as a leader of the Anti-Federalists. He and his faction had tried to sink the Constitution, only to be outmaneuvered by the likes of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. When Henry arrived in the state capital, his adversaries assumed he would seek revenge. They just weren’t sure how.

“He appears to be involved in gloomy mystery,” one of them reported.