Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Born to Lead! Guest blog by Connie Goodman Milone


       I live in District 8 in Miami-Dade and fully support Cindy Lerner as a candidate for County Commission in District 7. Lerner will be an engaged and supportive commissioner who will fight for you. She is a child advocate who served as lead attorney for the Florida Guardian Ad Litem program. She was a state representative in Florida who fought to protect our drinking water. Lerner served as a state representative until her district lines were redrawn.

      Lerner is a former mayor of Pinecrest who transformed the village with a Climate Action Plan and the glorious Pinecrest Gardens. She created the Youth Advisory Council that provides leadership and civic engagement for high school students. 

      Mayor Lerner also created the Education Advisory Council to facilitate communication between the Village of Pinecrest and its five public schools. The council brought the Anti-Defamation League’s “No Place for Hate” program to the schools in Pinecrest.

      Cindy Lerner served as president of the Miami-Dade League of Cities. She organized local city leaders to address the threats from sea level rise, flooding, and extreme weather patterns in Miami-Dade County. Through time, Cindy has worked closely with state legislators to address critical issues we encounter at the state and local levels such as sea level rise.

      With her breadth of experience, Lerner understands what it takes to run a local government and to oversee a budgetShe knows where to innovate and recognizes the value of collaboration. Her priorities as county commissioner will be traffic gridlock, Metrorail expansion, climate change, and sea level rise.

       Cindy Lerner has key endorsements from Sierra Club, AFSCME Florida, Teamsters Local 769, SAVE, Florida Conservation Voters, Vote Water, Miami-Dade Democrats, and Ruth's List. She is endorsed by all four state legislators representing voters in District 7. Honoring the legacy of John Lewis, she will make good trouble where needed on the County Commission. Vote by 

mail, vote early, or vote on August 18 for Cindy Lerner for County Commission, District 7.



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