Sunday, April 29, 2018

The City of Miami Proposed Trolley Route for Coconut Grove and Brickell. By Geniusofdespair

You can see where I whited out THEIR ROUTE and added My Bird Road Connector Route
The meeting to discuss Coconut Grove Trolley route realignment was chaotic with a man in a wheelchair dominating, so I left a half hour after I got there. Order had to be restored and people needed to be civil to each other.

Also there was berating of the good people who came there by two other residents (one who is also employed by the county- from Alice Bravo’s office). This was very rude. The people did not deserve a lecture by the people speaking and they should have been stopped from lecturing. One Know-It-All lady told the people they should have gone to all the meetings, what they said today would be meaningless and it was their fault the trolley route (bus?) route they liked was cancelled (I was not there when that was discussed so I don’t know what popular route they were discussing). She said they should be going to the CITT meeting and they should be glad they have the trolley at all.  Well, lady it was a bond they are paying for so don't act like they are getting a gift from God.

Many were at this meeting to be heard about the cancellation and “sorry" doesn’t really cut it.

What more could anyone ask of these residents? I left unhappy with the new route and the treatment of the people.  One lady said she was mugged at the Douglas Station.

I personally wanted a direct route to get to the Coconut Grove Station from Bayshore down 27th Avenue -- Direct and Fast. The Coconut Grove route they proposed was ridiculous with the box to McDonald and back. There is two much doubling back to get to the station at Coconut Grove that the Douglas Park route doesn’t have.

The only reason I want to get on the trolley at all is because I do not want to get run over crossing US 1. I certainly can walk but crossing the street is very dangerous. Did anyone time this route? I would say it it 45 minutes on the trolley and I can walk it in about 12 to 15 minutes.

If you want to get people out of their cars (I will be out of mine May 30th) you have to make these routes sensible and quick.

I do like the Brickell Extension route if this is it??:

I like it if the trolleys don’t linger at city hall and Mercy which I am apt to think they will do. I am just looking for a quick trolley route to metro rail that does not have a dangerous station drop-off.

If you need a grocery store stop -- (they said as much) Milam's is very expensive, anyway if you add my third bird route it will be close enough. They can get to Publix from Coral Gables route?? or the Fresh Market from the other route to City Hall.

I would do the one down Douglas and the one down 27th and Have a THIRD ROUTE connecting the two on bird. 3 routes and the Brickell route.

Brickell route is fine the way it is. At least it takes you to the Brickell Station. But during traffic times this will be a really slow ride. Will have to get off and walk.

Sorry for all the black spots the other map was on the back of this one.


Anonymous said...

Lots of students who live on campus at UM don't have cars. The first neighborhood to run a trolley from the campus to its stores will get a lot of customers. (Plus those over 21 will drink there and ride home.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article.
Your blog is a local informational treasure!!!
What happened to transit Miami blog???