Saturday, November 04, 2017

Where have all the activists gone, long time passing? By Geniusofdespair

Activists having passed:

Robert L. Kelley, Tropical Audubon Society: 2006
John Arthur Marshall, Arthur Marshall Foundation: 2016
Roxcy Bolton, (Women's Rights): 2017
Karsten Rist, Tropical Audubon Society: 2016
Dan Cary, New Urbanist, 2014
Juanita Greene, Friends of the Everglades: 2017
Dan Paul, (Home Rule Charter): 2010
Athalie Range, (First Woman City of Miami Commissioner): 2007
James Jude, Urban Environment League: 2015
Robert McCabe (President Miami Dade College/Urban Environment League): 2014
Annette Eisenberg (Downtown Bay Forum) 2013
Joe Browder (Friends of the Everglades): 2016
John Brennan (City of Miami Chairman of the Waterfront Board): 2004
Peter Harlem, LIDAR Imagery: 2016
Marilyn Spiegel, President of the PTA, UDB Activist: 2014
John Ogden, Everglades Scientist: 2012
Coleen Griffin, Redland Activist: 2010

And I am sure you can name many more... please feel free to list an activist who you knew and feel the loss of in comments. I am wondering who is replacing these tireless workers for the good of Miami Dade County? Most of them were activists their entire life. I don't see a new breed of volunteers.
Roscy Bolton with Eleanor Roosevelt
 To make matters worse, some of our best activists have moved away...Pat and John Wade, Greg Bush, Mabel Miller, Carol Rist,  Silvia Farina...

Over the years I talked to almost all these people and learned from them...

Losing them, that is what "sad" really means not what Donald Trump writes at the end of tweets.

It is sad not just for me, but for the future of the community.


Gimleteye said...

Grace Maniello, Big Pine
Dagney Johnson, Key Largo
Karsten Rist, Tropical Audubon

Gimleteye said...

George Kunst, Duck Key

Gimleteye said...

Sandy Jensen, Sierra Club Miami Group

Can someone help me recall the name of the woman who was chair of the Kendall Federation of Homeowners Associations in the 1990s?

Gimleteye said...

It was Dorothy Cissel.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they did a great job cultivating for the future

David said...

Well Genius; you almost got trough a beautifully written heartfelt post without taking a swipe at our President. Almost.

Anonymous said...

Media reporting on civic activists is woefully inadequate. No historical record.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well David, maybe Trump's misuse and overuse of the word sad inspired me to write what was really sad to me, and his Presidency is the saddest time for me.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to have left you but we could not take it anymore, call us quitters. We do follow the Miami news and grieve for you. Pat was born in Miami, 76 years ago and her roots are deep. But this is not the same Miami she remembers. Yes, things must change but don't destroy all that was good. We admire those who decide to stay and fight for our environment. Our hearts and minds are with you.
Pat Wade

Anonymous said...

Trump and the GOP hate activists because they throw obstacles in the way of business. Activists humiliated Trump in the 1980's who called attention to his discriminatory and illegal behavior renting to minorities and blocking golf course projects or using public resources, like water, to make his golf courses profitable. His administration is destroying the regulatory structure (Bannon calls it "the administrative state") that is intended to protect peoples' health, food, air and water.

Anonymous said...

David tRump is a Nazi

Milly from Hialeah said...

What happens locally is not the president's fault. Everything before President Trump was not President Obama's fault either, and I wish someday we would stop this divisiveness that only serves to break us up more.

Local issues that impact us or affect quality of life are more the fault of city, county and state elected officials. They think the solution to traffic is more tolls and express lanes, but a lot of citizens might prefer to pay on their license renewal a "highway usage fee", dismantle all forms of tolls and cameras and let the highways be free.

On their version of smart planning, they think destroying the past in its entirely and constructing tall, invasive buildings is a solution, but we think differently.

So, most of what is happening locally is the local officials. I hope the citizens in Hialeah wake up and vote for the "non politicos" and give them a chance to see if something good can come of change.