Saturday, November 09, 2013

Crusty Annette Eisenberg Has Died. By Geniusofdespair

The Downtown Bay Forum was Annette's claim to fame. She kept it going and she did a great job, it was always well attended - She was President of the group. Most of the luncheons were engaging with a topical political subject. She never let her opinion on an issue stay a secret, as she passed the microphone to folks, and her opinion's were sometimes as sharp as a knife.

Annette in 1987
I have to admit I was yelled at by Annette on many occasions. I depended on her bad eyesight to dodge her most of the times.

When I was a member of the Downtown Bay Forum they gave me a tag to wear at meetings.  Not knowing, I forgot to return the tag after the meeting. Oops! That got me a tongue lashing.  Sometimes I didn't call with my RSVP soon enough. Annette said "fax it to me" long after everyone had abandoned faxes. She put me on the list but gave me hell for calling so late.

I know Annnette liked me in her own blustery way. And I liked Annette, but I was a bit afraid of her. She offered me a discount once. Pretty nice I thought.   I wasn't the only one with this opinion of her, Santiago Leon said:
"Annette was direct, outspoken and committed to the community.  I had the pleasure of serving with her (some would say serving her, for she could be a little on the autocratic side) on the board of the Forum for a decade or two."
She served on such Boards the Urban Renewal Area Program, Little HUD, Downtown Development Authority, City of Miami Code Enforcement and the Wynwood Area Empowerment Zone. I am pretty sure there is a park building named after her near Edison high school.

Annette, you will be missed in the community.  What a gal!  Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 10th at Temple Israel of Greater Miami, 137 NE 19th St.


Anonymous said...

Crusty she was, but she made a difference.

Anonymous said...

Who will replace her? The community needs more Annette Eisenbergs.

Anonymous said...

For a small lady she carried a mighty big stick.

Rest in Peace Annette. You will be missed.

Grillo said...

Miami-Dade owes this lady more than most people know or imagine.
RIP Annette!

Anonymous said...

As a kid she put the fear of god into me a few times. She was always stern, direct, approaching cold. But even when she gave me a tongue lashing I felt that she cared. Sadly, I saw her only a few times in the past few years. I liked her a lot. You gave her a nice tribute.

Anonymous said...

I genuinely enjoyed seeing her at events, and respect her spunk and drive. Rest in peace, Annette.