Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goodbye Marilyn Spiegel. By Geniusofdespair

Marilyn Spiegel and her Fiance are alleged to have been murdered by her X who has been charged with first degree murder. She told me he was abusive to her as his business and health went downhill. She finally had to leave Miami because of him. I knew Michael Spiegel, her husband, first as a fellow windsurfer. I met him in 1994 or 1995. I never liked him, except for his Cuban cigars. I met Marilyn later. Lovely woman. I always thought she was too good for him.

Her last message to me was February 23, 2014:
Just want you to know that I am engaged to a dynamite guy and currently living aboard our trawler in Ft. Myers Beach. Just amazing. So excited that Daniella  is running for the Commission. She is an amazing woman. Hope all is well with you.
 We will miss you Marilyn. In addition to all her Educational work, and public school lobbying, she was instrumental in helping hold the UDB line, showing up at every rally.  She was so spirited, she will be missed by so many in the Miami community. She left a legacy for us, may we all do as much for Miami Dade County.

When I told Daniella Levine Cava what Marilyn had said, she said:

Thank you for the beautiful tribute. 
It means so much to know she was thinking of me. 
It is so tragic.


Karen DeLeon said...

I had the utmost respect for Marilyn. She inspired me to always strive to do the best I can for my community. Her death is wrong. This world needs more people like her. My heart goes out to her children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

I knew them both from the early 1970s but have not seen them for at least 15 years... Mike was arrogant... Marilyn always with a smile.

Even went out with them and my family to meet them in Bahamas for week on their boat.
Mike obviously lost his mind to do this to not only Marilyn but to his sons as well..and also to the new fiance and his family

I cannot imagine the pain they are going thru.

Anonymous said...

It brings attention to the sad situation of domestic violence. It is important for women to never under estimate what an abuser will do. She was fearful of him and left town, and that action alone probably brought her some time. She probably needed to go to another state. The key is to get out of the toxic relationship as soon as possible. Once the abuse begins, it won't get better, it will get worse, and you have all these women being killed needlessly by jealous mentally impaired men. While I didnot know her, it is clear she had a wonderful light. Thank you for sharing your light with us, and assisting others even during the darkest years of your life. Heartfelt condolences to the families involved.

Anonymous said...

yet another gun death too. And yeah, yeah, yeah, he could have killed them another way, or maybe they could have gotten away or at least one of them would have survived. A gun ups the ante in these situations.

Suzette said...

I am so sorry, not only for family, but for many friends as well. Grief knows no familial boundaries.

Anonymous said...

Too many men have difficulty letting go and many need help during the transition. This is where family and friends come in to help them move on with their lives. There are plenty of women out there, more are coming of age each day, and women out number men in the population. It is senseless to kill someone simply because they no longer want to be with you. Move on with your life, don't get stuck in the past. There are plenty of fish in the sea. That relationship did not work out, but perhaps the next one will.

Anonymous said...

My ex husband and I met the Spiegel family through a mutual friend. We spent time with them on their boat cruising the Bahamas. They opened their home, their boat, their way of life to anyone who wanted to join in...

I can't quite believe Marilyn is gone. She was special in every way. She had a million dollar smile, she was witty and blazing smart, open minded, generous and good hearted. She had a memory like a steel trap, nothing got by Marilyn. She was outstanding.

Bella Mar, what a perfect name for their boat...beautiful Mar. I miss you, my friend. The world is a bit darker and sadder without you in it.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn was a wonderful soul. She helped make lives better for children and the parents of Dade County Schools.
You have left a great legacy for all of us to enjoy. Rest in Peace Marilyn. We will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Just out of jail with Michael spiegel I was in for a vop dui and he is full of tropical tales and interesting wits I was just looking into the case details he was very interesting and let me read his book and the one he was working on

Anonymous said...

This is so incredibly sad! My dad knew them well and told me of this tragedy about a year ago. My dad was heartbroken when he relayed this story. This was my first time reading about any account of it. I met Ms. Marilyn and Dr. Spiegel ( as I knew of him since I was a child) through my dad. My Dad met him over 44 yrs ago when he and his then pregnant wife, were sailing off our island in The Bahamas. They had boat trouble, my dad
helped them and the rest was history. One of the Spiegel sons even share the same name as my brother. After graduating university, I spent time with Ms. Marilyn and her husband when I interviewed for work in Miami. Marilyn was such a beautiful person. She was passionate about her fundraisng and advocacy and opened her home to me. They were both passionate about sailing and I enjoyed reading her email journal notes about their sailing travels near The Bahamas. May Ms. Marilyn rest in peace. My heart aches for this great loss.