Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Daniella Levine Cava is one tough Miami-Dade county commissioner ... by gimleteye

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava

Granted: there are a lot of metrics for toughness, but name another county commissioner who -- like Daniella Levine Cava -- kayaked across the Everglades?

Paddling the Everglades is an order of magnitude tougher than by airboat or ATV or hauling into Big Cypress to hunt for a weekend.

Soon, the toughest Miami-Dade county commissioner is going to white raft the Colorado River.  In February. For nineteen days.  An unguided party of ten, including husband Dr. Robert Cava, children and friends. Think about all the food and gear one needs for nineteen days in the winter wilderness, for ten people.

Daniella and her husband, Rob, have done plenty of white water rafting in the past, but it has taken 20 years to get a permit to float the river at this time of year.

That's patient and tough.

(For an account of what it is like on the river, this time of year, read this report.)


Anonymous said...

oh that is so cool.........although you ruined by sucking up to her sooooo much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Daniella IS so cool! I am at a loss to figure out this last post. If you can't say anything nice say nothing at all as my mama used to say.We thank Daniella every day for her good work!