Monday, January 02, 2017

Scoff all you want at my Alt Right posts. By Geniusofdespair

Where do you think young people are getting their information? Not from Fox News, and not from Newspapers. That Twitter is manipulated by Alt Right Trolls in a targeted way is a frightening reality. Go about your business of trying to save the water quality, and wringing your hands over fracking as your children are being brain-washed by these turkeys. They are at the moment in-fighting on Twitter about giving the Hitler salute at their Ball in Washington the day before the inauguration. Boo hoo. I have this one right -- alt right.  I wouldn't be worried if their hero DJT Tweeter in Chief wasn't elected president.

You find my posts "Feh" well, good luck with your causes. I only hope sea level rise keeps everyone busy including the dopey young men you spawned that read this on-line shit and believe it.

From Reddit (a more mainstream 4Chan)

Anyway, I am not writing about this anymore as it is the most disturbing aspect of your new president, Tweeter in Chief.


Anonymous said...

I was watching a video on one of your links and I saw a man gently touch the shoulder of one those making the Hitler salute and ask him not to.

Anonymous said...

Let's call them what they really are: Fuc×÷ng White Supremacist - no one is safe. All of the "religious" "orthodox" and non-Aryan people that voted for this slime will soon learn. "The Man in the High Castle" is real.