Monday, November 28, 2016

The Next County Commission Chair Choice will be Dec. 6th. By Geniusofdespair

Miami Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez

It is that time again when the County Commission chooses its new Chair.  December 6th at the beginning of the regular meeting is D-day for the Chair choice. Our current Chair is Jean Monestime and he did a great job as did Becky (Rebeca Sosa) before him, except for her choice of Lynda Bell for Vice Chair who tried to take over the Chair position.

First, if a Commissioner endorsed or did a robo-call (Pepe Diaz) for the Mayor, I think they should not be considered for the County Commission Chair position. Like any Commissioner would be stupid enough to choose Pepe. We do not need a sycophant in this position. We need an independent voice, for the checks and balances part of our local government. The Chair appoints all the Committee members and the Committee Chairs. The Chair sets the Agenda.

Vying for the spot, according to County gossipers, are Commissioners Xavier Suarez, Joe Martinez and Steve Bovo. Long shots, Sosa again and Pepe Diaz (OMG no no no).

I would go with the X Man - Xavier Suarez. I think he would be fair. I think he would be good. He is smart (that would be a blessing don't you think?).  District 7 deserves a term as Chair. When is the last time District 7 has had the Chairmanship position?

Commissioner Suarez has done some very good, and unique projects:

County Commissioner Suarez reached out and established a winning community partnership. The Coconut Grove Collaborative, Home Depot, and TENUSA Inc. answered the call. With the Zika outbreak in many communities, the commission staff researched plants that repel mosquitoes and identified 11 plants to place with the flowers in the planters throughout the community. Plants include: Citronella, Lemon Balm or Horsemint, Catnip, Marigolds, Basil (lemon or cinnamon), Lavender, Peppermint, Garlic, Pennyroyal, Rosemary and Geranium.

Home Depot donated materials, tools, mosquito repellant plants, and manpower. TENUSA Inc. donated flowers and manpower. The Collaborative got Coconut Grove youth involved and assisted with getting members of the community to adopt planters for maintaining. Comm. Suarez and Commissioner Ken Russell (City of Miami) provided manpower. Side by side the partners worked under the hot and grueling summer sun mixing cement, mixing paint, and setting the planters. Then the deed was done: Repairing and replacing the planters for nature’s beauty. Now mosquito repellant plants are being added for natural mosquito prevention.
I love this project. It is positive for the youth, the environment and proactive for Zika prevention (Zika shrinks testicles according to the Daily Mail...not sure if the Daily Mail is a credible news source but it is an intriguing to ponder the possibility and I checked: Michael Diamond is an MD and PhD. in infectious diseases at Washington University School of Medicine -- I am checking out news now so I don't print crap I find online and misinform you).

Anyway, what is your opinion?


Anonymous said...

Suarez for sure. The others? My mother said if I don't have a kind word to say, I should not say anything.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Gimenez is backing Bovo. He needs someone in the chair's office who will fast-track all the contracts for his donors. When the mayor says "jump" Bovo will ask "how high?" The last thing Gimenez wants is Suarez - someone who speed reads. The donors ($7-8 million) to the mayor's campaign will be looking for a return on investment. And Bovo would be glad to oblige. Hopefully, the Board sees what is happening and cast their votes for Suarez.

Anonymous said...

Bovo is in the middle of some Tallahassee dispute about the SMART Plan. Rather than support the all-in approach, he and his staff were bullying lobbyists to get their preferred corridor ahead of the rest. Not much of a team player. Suarez has shown he is deferential to the will of the majority. I hope they pick Suarez.

Michael in Coral Gables said...

I agree that Suarez should be the choice. I would call my commissioner except it is Suarez.

Maud said...

What? No love for Daniella? It is undeniable that she has made some important strides since taking office.

Don't you think?

Geniusofdespair said...

She doesn't appear to be running.

Anonymous said...

X-Man is a fraud, shoots off his mouth, when the roll is called he is drinking cafecitos in the back or in his office. Waste of space.

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't agree.

Anonymous said...

Xavier Suarez truly cares for this community. He has tried to control our runaway expenditures at the BCC for years. A vote for Bovo is a vote for continued corruption. How can an individual who permitted his Hialeah office to be utilized as storage space for fraudulent absentee ballots collected in 2012 be still in office? Suarez is a much better choice.

Anonymous said...

Zika shrinks brains and testicles!

May be this disease is more wide spread then recognized.
Could explain the state of affair in government and the pres election.

Anonymous said...

Sosa and Martinez likely have an eye on the Chair spot for the 2018-2020 term. Both are likely candidates for Mayor in 2020. Being Chair while running for Mayor is the smart thing to do. They should support Suarez this time.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for X-man. He's really is a representative of the people and cares about social and environmental issues, even though he's a Republican. How is that possible? If X can't do it, I vote for Souto. He will ramble bizarrely for hours causing no business to be conducted, and that, sadly, is the best we can hope for with this body of government.