Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Scientists Claim Zika Responsible for 90% Shrinkage of Male Testicles - Do Women Even Care? By Geniusofdespair


I don't think women care at this point, since the Zika research results were found in mice, and the virus doesn't appear to shrink the Penis itself.  But there might come a time when women do care. Apparently the guy getting the Zika Virus might not be fertile anymore -- EVER.

According to the Daily Mail:
• ZIKA infection could cause lasting infertility in men, experts in the US warn
• Doctors found infection in mice caused their testicles to shrink by 90%
• If findings apply to humans, it could spark an infertility epidemic caused be the disease, experts say.

The virus is already known to leads to shrunken heads in babies whose mothers catch the infection, which is carried in tropical countries and has recently been found in the tourist hotspot of Florida.

The virus has the unusual ability to cross the barrier that separates the male reproductive organs from the blood stream.

Michael Diamond, of Washington University School of Medicine said: 'We undertook this study to understand the consequences of Zika virus infection in males.

'While our study was in mice -and with the caveat that we don't yet know whether Zika has the same effect in men – it does suggest that men might face low testosterone levels and low sperm counts after Zika infection, affecting their infertility.'
Further, the article says:
The effects of low testosterone, which can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and loss of body hair and muscle.

'If testosterone levels drop in men like they did in the mice, I think we'll start to see men coming forward saying, 'I don't feel like myself,' and we'll find out about it that way.

'You might also ask 'Wouldn't a man notice if his testicles shrank?' Well, probably.
I am thinking, most men don't notice much, maybe Penis shrinkage, that might get their attention.


Anonymous said...

With lower testosterone and disease induced population crash, Zika could bring peace to the world.

Not a man said...

Maybe now that men have something to lose, the government will put more money on the Zika invasion.

Anonymous said...

Zika originated in Africa. Can you say "climate change" Rick Scott? Or is it still out of your vocabulary?

Anonymous said...

you would think since gop'ers are fascist pricks they might find this disconcerting....

Anonymous said...

Now I see what Little Marco meant by referring to Donald's tiny hands and I wonder how he knew.

ZWoman said...

If it effects their genitals, they will find a way to eradicate Zika, count on it!

Anonymous said...

LOL ... I wish it were funny, but my son already has enough to worry about without this news.

Anonymous said...

Well, if they are getting smaller, it won't be long before the penis gets smaller too. As the disease impacts more people, they are going to have to begin measuring changes in penis sizes too.