Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fidel is More Dead! ... by gimleteye

Lost in the condemnations, tributes and assessments of Castro's impact on South Florida: how hatred of Fidel served as the organizing principle of local politics in Miami for decades, ringing the supply chain of political opportunism through Tallahassee and Washington, DC; from the state legislature, to Congress, and the White House. This is the subtext of the embargo; a policy the United States uniquely extends to Cuba. Spanish language media and advertisers successfully helped organize homogenous voting blocs around Fidel -- to control levers of political power here -- , eventually coalescing Miami and South Florida's own unreformable majorities around the benefits of converting low cost farmland and Everglades wetlands into low density, suburban sprawl; relentlessly shifting costs to taxpayers. Castro shaped the geo-political landscape of South Florida like a companion sine wave to his rule as a despot.

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