Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel ... by gimleteye

I share the anguish of Cuban American friends who lost loved ones in the violence under Castro. For some, personal tragedies will be genetically imprinted and echo through generations. One could say, Castro's passing marks a time of healing.  Perhaps celebrations will help dissipate the pain he and his regime inflicted on families and friends. Perhaps. Miami has long projected an ethos -- hatred of Castro -- with mixed results. Castro projected his influence on Miami politics for generations and through Miami, the nation. His death will be not be a meaningful symbol unless we account for the architecture of personal and political catastrophe, here and across the Florida Straits. 


Anonymous said...

Pots and pans day.

Anonymous said...

"His death will be not be a meaningful symbol, unless we account for the architecture of personal and political catastrophe, "
No doubt, this is how it will feel for affected party's.

Just wondering, is Chile, Irak, Iran, Nicaragua and so fort going to trow a party, at their favorite watering hole, after the passing of our German descent foreign minister, or Dart Vader, or our painter in Texas and so fort, and "account for the architecture of personal and political catastrophe?"

Anonymous said...

Miami GOP politicians (at all levels) must be devastated. Now they can not claim their Democrat opponent is a Castro sympathizer. Now what?!? A Muslim? A Mexican?

Anonymous said...

The street demonstrations we see today and the emotional outbursts by citizens filmed by tv crews are just an escape of repressed anger and suffering accumulated through 57 years of dictatorship. Castro was not only an enemy to his own people, he was a rabid enemy of our country and an orchestrator of guerrila groups and terrorist organizations responsible for the deaths of thousands around the world. Let's not forget this psychopath egged on Krushchev to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. The world is a better place today without him.

Anonymous said...

One expects Russian leaders to have fond, nostalgic memories of Castro; however, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau also speaks highly of Castro. Yet, with so many Canadians vacationing in Cuba every year…..Castro surely seemed an excellent friend to a people enduring Canada’s frigid winters. Temps can reach 40 degree below 0 in areas of Canada. They have very cold winters in Canada.
(some of the comments at the end of the article are....different.)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Canadians would feel if their government engaged in the same practices Castro did against his own people. Would Trudeau feel so cheerful if his family members had been executed by firing squad, his personal property seized by an Agrarian Reform or he had been jailed for simply protesting such abuses? I think not.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the people who are celebrating are the very ones who voted to install a dictator in the US Government by casting their vote for Trump. Trump has deep ties to the Russian dictator and friend of the Castro's - Putin. Why were they so blind when they went into the polling place? Get it folks, Castro - friend Putin - friend Trump. You are not safe, No one is safe except white men.

Time to end the wet foot dry foot policy of ENTITLEMENT. There are many other countries in the world who wish they would have a free entry into the US but are cast away because they are not Cuban. Double standards. It is wrong. If doors are open to Cubans then the doors must be open to all.

From Hialeah said...

We might consider it a great coincidence that Janet Reno passed away the day before election, Hillary Clinton lost the election and Fidel Castro dies on the same day that Elian Gonzalez was rescued at sea 20 years ago - and all of this during our sacred, national holiday of Thanksgiving.

Trump is not a dictator dressed up in military uniform and drove in with a like army of men to overthrow a democratic government. He was elected by the people following the laws of this country. Now, we have to give him a chance to govern before judging him. We can judge him on character and business practices (yes - maybe), but let him do what he has promised to do and make America Great Again. We need some "Law and Order" in this country before we become like another Latin American system of corrupted government or a socialist nation with citizens dependent on social welfare.

I recall my grandmother telling a story of Cuban citizens piling up their guns and Jesus Christ portraits in central Havana to be burned. Let this not happen here in the United States. Defend the 2nd Amendment and defend decent family values, good morals and God.

Fidel Castro's death unveils a dark cloud and sheds a ray of light and hope for freedom 90 miles from our shores. Sound the trumpets and I hope President elect Donald Trump give the Cuban people the arms and support needed to free Cuba! They go to the middle east where it is far more dangerous, and we cannot help to free a small island 90 miles from our shores?


Anonymous said...

You're delusional.