Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Peter Beach, guest blog: "Absolutely heartbreaking"

The following is reprinted from @pbeach on Instagram. Peter Beach is a Miami Beach-based photographer. Also, read our earlier post on NALED, the aerial poison being broadcast sprayed in Miami-Dade.

@pbeach> This is a Quaker parrot — thousands were imported into the U.S. from South America in the 80s. Flocks of these beautiful birds are routine all over Miami Beach.

Reports of widespread wildlife deaths have been recorded all over Miami Beach because of the continued low-altitude aerial carpet-bombing of densely-populated Miami Beach, using the deadly-to-every-living-thing, bio-hazardous neurotoxic poison Dibrom-Naled [similar in type and level of ecotoxicity to Agent Orange]

Absolutely heartbreaking.

Miami Beach is an eco-sensitive barrier island. Beyond the immediate wildlife losses, to be considered is the long-term damage to marine life [the beach is lined with Federally-protected sea turtle nests], children's developmental health and much more.

We are experiencing an environmental disaster in the making.

A third aerial spray occurred this morning, September 18th at 6:16am. The entire city was blanketed, east-to-west, in 3 passes over the urban population with a deadly poison - also confirmed beyond the designated spray zone.

There are local Facebook groups. Join them. Be part of the change you wish to see in the world.

Clean Up Miami Beach — 3629 members
Miami Awareness /SFPRC — 1279 members
No To Naled on Miami Beach — 346 members

The ONLY thing that allows me to lay my head on the pillow at night are the reassurances that there is legal action pending. #GovernorRickScott has a sordid, documented history of corruption, from racketeering to unconscionable environmental rape. Pure and simple, a criminal.

There exists a change.org petition, to the United States Justice Department and the United States Attorney General, calling for his indictment. The man wants to run for the Senate when his term ends. Google it. Secure it. Sign it.


Anonymous said...

If NAled is so good at eradicating zika mosquitoes the county should start massive spraying in the new zone up to 68th street. Or stop it altogether. The inconsistent and contradictory messages of public officials make the public crazed with worry and angry. Misinformation and withholding information should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

Remember at the polls who brought you this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Poor mayoral leadership causes many deaths- birds, economy, pets, community, kids, quality of life. Gimenez goes or those things keep dying

Anonymous said...

Dog poop at the birds tail. Classic Miami Beach. That plastic bottle was probably filled with GHB. You necropsy that bird you will probably find a condom and a cigarette butt in its stomach. Probably has a fragment from Smith & Wesson M&P40 pistol in its wing. A perfect murder mystery.