Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donald Trump: Mangrove Hater. By Geniusofdespair

"Gimenez described the Trump proposal as a reasonable idea for the county to entertain"

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article102833942.html#storylink=cpy

Can you imagine cutting down a shoreline of mangroves from 20 feet high to 4 feet? Well, Donald Trump can. He was going to take our public golf course on Key Biscayne and weed-wack our mangroves lining the shore so golfers could get a nicer view. It was a deal-breaker according to an article today by Douglas Hanks in the Miami Herald. It was a deal that Carlos Gimenez cooked up much to the dismay of the County Commissioners. They killed it.  Hanks wrote of the deal:
The plan called for Trump to spend $10 million redoing the public course, in exchange for a 99-year management deal that would maintain the waterfront property as a county park but give the mogul’s golf empire control of tee times.

County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava said of the deal:
“I wasn’t persuaded that there was an overall advantage,” said Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava. “It would have put an investment into the park, but it would have made the park most likely inaccessible to more of our residents.”


Anonymous said...

This is another example of why no one should vote for our current mayor and Trump.

Anonymous said...

The headline may be the only thing people see of this story in the Herakd which gives the impression Trump IS an envirinmentalist. Shame in the Herald for allowing some editor inside the paper to get away with this.

Anonymous said...

Crandon Park is Xanadu for Zika.

Anonymous said...

The fact is mangrove's environmental value is their are the 1st line of the shore building process and as a incubator for marine life.. it's all about the roots.

Under previous park administrators the mangroves were routinely trimmed for exactly the same reason, the view.. The roots are not impacted..

From the Crandon Marina to Cape Florida the bay side of this island has been completely dredged filled, walled and transformed to suit every generation's desires, interesting this 450' of hedge trimming is the line in the sand, actually in this case, a line in flotsam and mud.

Given the biggest culprit in this profit motivated transformation was Bruce Matheson's developer, industrial billionaire granddaddy the irony surely isn't lost on even the most passionate old Miami tree huggers.

and Sally Heyman has zero to do with this deal and even less credibility in general, wonder why Doug went to her for an over the top quote?