Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Florida Clean Water Activist Thrown Out Of Trump Rally For Doing ... Nothing ... by gimleteye

Yesterday, John G. Heim -- a well-known Southwest Florida clean water activist -- was singled out by security at a Trump rally and ejected. He wasn't carrying a sign. He wasn't doing anything. The event was caught on camera.

This is the same as racial profiling. This targeting profiled an environmentalist.

John Heim, on Facebook, states that local elected officials at the rally identified him, and that they alerted Trump security. Heim's county commissioners have refused to sign the Now or Neverglades Declaration calling for land acquisition from Big Sugar to solve the massive pollution caused by the industry's domination of water supply in south Florida, supported by best available science.

Voters should understand: when Donald Trump says there should be "mass ethnic profiling" to address the threat of domestic terrorism, he is really unleashing the wolves to attack dissent at every level. That's what happened to John Heim.

If you believe Trump is about making America great again, think again before what you think can get you arrested.


Anonymous said...

Trump is no environmentalist and he does not want any of them around him. In terms of climate change he says that scientists around the world have tricked Americans into accepting global warming. Another one of his big lies that defies logic. He says if he gets to be president, he will eliminate EPA. So everyone should have a clear understanding of where he stands on the environment.

Anonymous said...

Big sugar's cronies like Trump, Rubio, Flores, Oscar Braynon, Diaz de la Portilla, Bullard, Campbell, and so many others should be forced to volunteer and clean up the big sugar mess. Hopefully voters will wake up and go fire these crooked politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also got elected first time with similar right wing ideas and his second term started with massive bloodshed on the streets, executions and systematic rape of incarcerated protesters. Who is exceptional?

Anonymous said...

Who are these guys?
"states that local elected officials at the rally identified him"

Marshmaid said...

Omg I didn't know Trump employed Thought Police!

Anonymous said...

Get ready to live in fascist America.