Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Punish Your Teen Child Under 16. By Geniusofdespair

Your child did something pretty bad and that belt is looking mighty handy.

You can withhold their cell phone or have them attend my Master Class. I will be glad to conduct one for you. I am a teacher by trade. You can show your child the Curriculum for the class to scare the hell out of them. They will gladly give up their cell phone. But I will be glad to conduct the class for them if they decide that is what they would rather do.

Choice: No Cell Phone or Attend the Master Class

Master Class Curriculum

Discussion on the Thank You note
Hand Write sample Thank You notes
Discussion on what constitutes Surly behavior and how to avoid it
When to put away your cell phone

The 3 branches of the Federal Government
Memorize the Judges of the Supreme Court
Memorize all the questions asked by Justice Clarence Thomas during oral arguments

Sorry I meant to write: Art History
The Movement from the Byzantine to the Renaissance with an emphasis on the pivotal art of Giotto

Discussion on proper pictures to post on line. i.e. No tongues out in any picture.

What is the role of a newspaper in society.
The Fourth Estate
The Fifth Estate

Koch Brothers
Who are they? Discussion on Libertarians and Vanity Fair Napkins

Environmental News
Sugar Pollution
The Fish Kill in Florida, Algae Blooms, Injection Wells and Fracking
Lessons we should have learned from Fukushima and Chernobyl

Pop Quiz: Name the Mayor, Governor, the two US Senators, your  US Congressman/woman and all the candidates running for President. What is Little Boy, Fat Man and Enola Gay. If you score 100% you do not have to write the blog post.

Blog Post
Write one blog suitable for posting on any of the above, and it will be posted.

Movie Time
Your parents choose: Clockwork Orange, Z, Walkabout, Kandahar, Sophie's Choice

Actually parents, rather than just take away their cell phone, a meaningful film viewing and discussion would be worth its weight in gold.


Anonymous said...

You can have my kids every Weekend. This masterclass idea has merit. I would include Bridge on the River Kwai as a movie alternative.

Anonymous said...

Manchurian Candidate.

Lyn said...

No, The Conversation and 12 Angry Men.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, even though I don't agree with your views, I do agree you stumbled on a positive parenting tool: The viewing of a worthwhile film and the follow up discussion. Better than just taking away a privilege.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, there you go again with that high tech lynching of Justice Tomas, digging out the 3 or sooo questions hes ever asked. :-)

But kudos, Great school curriculum.

Charles said...

What is your address I have 3 to drop off.

Anonymous said...

Amy Schumer's version of 12 Angry Men.

youbetcha' said...

It is a business opportunity! Yay!

Geniusofdespair said...

What business opportunity? Putting toothpicks in kids eyes and making them watch films?

Zwoman said...

Brilliant, g.o.d. Is this weekend too soon for the first class? And while you're at it, how about a course on why having a part-time job that pays $10 per hour while you are a student is a privilege, not a humiliation: Understanding the difference between your worth as an inexperienced know-nothing and your future worth with multiple degrees and experience. I could go on, but you know what they're like.