Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gov. Rick Scott urges leaders to be "transparent" at GOP convention: with everyday Floridians, not so much ... by gimleteye

He used that word, "transparent". Rick Scott. Florida governor. Forgive me for believing transparency was banned in the Scott administration like the phrase "climate change". Rick Scott has a transparency issue but it's irrelevant because voters aren't paying attention. Or so he thinks. Gov. Scott ought to reconsider. Look at the recent election results for Marco Rubio, another politician from Florida with a major transparency problem.

Rick Scott to RNC: No ‘monkey business,’” by POLITICO’s Marc Caputo:
“Florida Gov. Rick Scott passed up a chance to urge Republican National Committee members to support his preferred presidential candidate, Donald Trump. But he warned them: no ‘monkey-business.’ ‘We’ve got to be transparent,’ Scott told a packed room of RNC officials Thursday at their spring meeting in Hollywood, Fla., implicitly telling them not to cut back-room deals that would undercut the frontrunner or, in Trump’s terms, ‘rig’ the process.”

Interesting. On Nov. 9, 2015 Sunshine State News wrote:
"The Sunshine Law may try to promote transparency in Florida’s government, but the Sunshine State fails when it comes to government accountability and transparency, receiving a D- from a recent report from the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity. The report analyzed the existence, effectiveness, and accessibility (i.e. citizen access) of key governance and anti-corruption mechanisms through a qualitative and indicator-based research process.

The study looked at 13 different categories to rank government transparency, including public access to information, political financing, electorial oversight and the state budget processes. In the end, Florida ranked 30th out of all 50 states in the report, dropping an entire letter grade from a C- in 2012, the last time the study was conducted."
With Rick Scott, transparency is in the eye of the beholder.

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Zwoman said...

Sick Rott is pretty transparent, he doesn't hide his corruption, cronyism and greed. It seems Floridians just don't give a crap. But the very same people who voted for that thief and liar can't shut up about Hillary's "dishonesty." They are just morons. They will distort the facts to fit their worldview. This is the sorry state of the electorate, g.o.d. help us all.