Sunday, April 24, 2016

Campaign Reports as of March 31st: Juan Zapata and Barbara Jordan. By Geniusofdespair

Did you give to Juan Zapata's campaign? He holds the least of any County Commissioners in his account: $130,355 except for Bruno Barreiro (who has no one running against him).

Zapata did get contributions from the Dolphins and the Wet Dream Mall people: Ghermezians.

Dreaded lawyer and lobbyists were also on there, Rodney Baretto, Ron Book, Tracey Slavens. Lasarte law firm and Miguel DeGrandy.

Dreaded developers were also there Century, Kendall Investors 172 and Limonar Development - Alfonso Cordoba). Cordoba is the GREEN CITY developer that wanted to move the UDB for his development. Apparently he still does giving handsomely (at least $5,000 in the campaign account) to Zapata, who did not support the development at the commission last time it surfaced.

Before you judge Juan, know that Barbara Jordan has collected $244,051 with 354 contributions.  Juan has 176 contributions, about half and he has the threat of Joe Martinez running and the threat of the Mayor helping Joe. Dennis Moss has a whopping $318,200, with 416 contributions and no one with any money running against him. Moss also was given an in-kind donation from the Biltmore Hotel of $1,000 (food and beverages) for a fundraising event.

From Barbara Jordan's campaign report.
We, the public, never dreamed that donors would be giving multiple donations from more than one of their companies and also giving to PAC's and ECO's to help a candidate get elected. How do you compete with someone like Barbara Jordan who already has a quarter of a million dollars in her account? Daisy Black is a credible candidate but can't raise that kind of money. She has $4,235 to run against Audrey Edmonson who has about a third of a million.

How do you compete with Mayor Carlos Gimenez who has $1,103,306 in his account? Everyone will say to you "Run for office" but no one will give you money to run against an incumbent. Ask Raquel Regalado how hard it is to raise funds against an incumbent. She has $265,100 -- a very respectable sum -- but next to Carlos Gimeneez's $1,103,306 it is just peanuts.


Anonymous said...

Sergio Pino took down US Century Bank, but he's back at polluting Miami-Dade politics.

Anonymous said...

$1.1 million is daunting but Gimenez has to pay heavily to change public opinion of being a hated man.

Anonymous said...

Show us the expenditure reports. The same creeps that are raising the money for Gimenez are paying themselves for their brilliant services. The awful piece they sent to Spanish speakers was huge and pathetic. Several blown up photos of the face of Gimenez with a bunch of lies about funding police and libraries. Pure Crap.

Oscar said...

Daisy Black is not running against Barbara Jordan. Jordan is unopposed in District 1!

Oscar said...
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Anonymous said...

Daisy Black is running in District 3. The seat now held by Edmonson