Sunday, April 24, 2016

FPL - The Company is a colossal mess and what a bunch of liars on the Nuke Plant. By Geniusofdespair

Eric Silagy CEO of Florida Power and Light tries to defend the indefensible...

Note how the tritium is moving into Biscayne Bay

FPL tries to defend itself but the proof is in the pudding according to the Miami Herald:

Records show FPL had been warned for years about problems and even conducted its own research in 2010 that concluded its key fix — adding millions of gallons of brackish water to freshen the super salty canals — would likely make the plume worse. After overheated canals forced the plant’s two reactors to partially power down in 2014, the utility pushed state regulators and water managers repeatedly to add more water, solutions that would allow it to continue operating under Nuclear Regulatory Commission limits but potentially increase the extent and speed of saltwater seepage from the unlined canals.

At the time, the company was still publicly insisting its canals were “definitely a closed system” not impacting any other source of water.

The end result, say environmentalists and others who pushed FPL to move faster over the years, are patchwork fixes and shortsighted solutions they say have failed to deal with broader problems caused by the 44-year-old canals.

“They’re band-aids,” said Steve Torcise, whose family has operated a rock mine just west of the canals for 90 years and earlier this year won a legal fight demanding the state overhaul a management plan that allowed FPL to add more water without fully addressing the impact on the plume. An administrative judge in February faulted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for being too weak and not citing FPL.
Turkey Point Nuke Plant - Don't you wonder where all the Nuclear Waste is kept?
Well there is a video on it 1,074 Metric Tons of toxic nuclear waste is stored in pools above ground at sea level.

County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava said:

“Their first order of business has to be to do no harm to our community and to our environment,” she said. “They want to be known as being good stewards, so it’s especially incumbent upon them to set the example.”

Video by Engineer Ed Swakon explaining the salt water intrusion:

From the Miami Herald


Anonymous said...

With a scarcity of raw land, there are new residential developments built near Turkey Point, in eastern Homestead and luxury mansions clustered around this waterfront. Fukushima's disaster area showed that there needs to be a 50 miles safety zone around a nuclear plant. These residents are ground zero for an environmental disaster. The warning horns around the area that FPL tests on Fridays isn't going to be enough.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think the State of Florida will sue FPL to get them to fix the problems? Scott will sue at the drop of a hat for Republican agenda issues that he can't win. I for one would like the early cost recovery money refunded as well.