Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mayoral Candidate Raquel Regalado's Earth Day Message. By Geniusofdespair

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Anonymous said...

I noticed Ms Regalado threw in a photo of the Miami Marine Stadium and water basin in her enviro message. But said nothing about her father orchestrating the $24 million anti enviro Miami Boat Show. And now her father the mayor has proposed a mega $100 marina commercial project for the same area. Not enviro either. I hope Ms Regalado talks her father out of these not enviro projects. For a better Miami Dade. Indeed.

Jose Regalado said...

To the Anon above,
I would like to stress that this is MY opinion. My sister did mention to me when I was making the video to remove the Marine Stadium but I felt it was a great backdrop, albeit a controversial one. Historical preservation against environmental preservation.
Don't be so sore about the Marine Stadium; That water is extremely silted up as there is very little water flow in the basin. I tested and dove the water years ago. There are many more places to protect than a man made inlet. Keep in mind we are in a state that our governor refuses to even acknowledge the term "climate change". So it's important to pick your battles. I hope you were much angrier with the dredging in the Port of Miami that decimated our local reefs (which is portrayed on the last shot BEFORE the dredging). The could have had a lesser environmental impact if they took tidal flow etc, into account. But this isn't about passing the blame. Now if you are a Key Biscayne local that would hate the traffic, construction and want to keep their ride home to their village peaceful...that is a much better argument.
Either way I hope you (and everyone else) enjoyed the video.


I'm still shocked that Miami Dade County Buildings don't recycle despite having the bins everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Check out the map Jose. There's a Critical Wildlife Area in the marine stadium basin.
Not cool to put in those environmentally destructive projects your father proposes.

Mongers United said...

Another interesting candidate this season is Marcia Del Rey running against a Gov. Scott appointee Judge Bloch. I don't know who is worse for the bench, an assholes appointed judge or a sex motel supported one.

Geniusofdespair said...

The Bill Sadowski critical wildlife area is North West, you have to go around to another basin. Let's not attack over a photo in a video that Raquel had nothing to do with. This was passed by the City Commission. The boat show was in a parking lot for the most part and the City Commission voted on it, not Raquel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Genuis: you should know better. The Critical wildlife area shares the same shoreline in the basin where the Boat Show takes place and the new proposed mega marina. No one is attacking Ms Regalado. The anon above simply asked that she use her familial ties to dissuade her father the Mayor of Miami from destroying what little areas urban wildlife has left to live in Miami. The state designated critical wildlife area is 700 acres, so you're right it includes the northwest corner too.

Studly Steve said...

WoW! She is a hottie! She has my vote!

Anonymous said...

Great video. She gets it. She has my vote over Gimenez. His extortion racket for fundraising makes the thugs in Opa-Locka look like school kids. You bid for a contract in Miami-Dade and the next day you get a call from the Mayor's fundraising tool. Coincidence?