Thursday, January 07, 2016

31st Annual Meeting of the Everglades Coalition ... by gimleteye

31st Annual Meeting of the Everglades Coalition @ The Biltmore Hotel
1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables FL
January 7th to 10th, 2016

Voices of the Everglades: All for Restoration

The Coalition's Annual Conference seeks to raise critical, timely issues for in-depth debates in an open, accessible forum. Community leaders and political figures come to discuss their positions, pledge their support and offer challenges to the community. The conference is attended by decision-makers from federal, state, local and tribal governments, agency representatives, stakeholders and a vast array of public and private interests including scientists, educators, contractors, conservationists, the media, students and the general public. The conference is the largest annual forum to advance Everglades conservation and restoration.

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Everglades Coalition shared Everglades Foundation's post.

Register to attend our upcoming conference (Jan 7-10). One of our breakout sessions will address our concerns for Florida Bay.. #EVCO2016 Below is the session description and panelists: Florida Bay: “Déjà Vu All Over Again”: Is Florida Bay is on the brink of collapse again? ...About 25 years ago the clear waters of Florida Bay turned pea green after a massive seagrass die-off. We then lacked the sophisticated monitoring tools that we have today, but scientists have since pieced together the triggering factors behind that event: extremely low freshwater inflow from the Everglades, hypersalinity, high temperatures, and high light intensity. This same concoction of conditions began to take shape in central and western Florida Bay in the summer of 2015. Despite progress made on Everglades restoration since passage of the CERP in 2000, restoring the flow of freshwater has been delayed. As a result, reduced flows to the south and through Everglades National Park combined with low rainfall in 2015 are contributing to seagrass die-off and potential ecosystem collapse in Florida Bay. Policymakers, fisherman, and scientists will talk about the ecological and economic impacts of hypersalinity, seagrass die-off and algae blooms and how to expedite relief for this world-class site of fishing and tourism. > Moderator: Dr. Jerry Lorenz, Audubon Florida > Panelists: U.S. Congressman Carlos Curbelo (invited); Mayor George Neugent, Monroe County; Dr. Steve Davis, Everglades Foundation; Captain John Kipp, Florida Keys Fishing Guide; Carlos Solis, Florida Bay Recreational Fisher >> To register, visit

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Alex said...

What is killing Florida Bay? FPL overheating Turkey Point Nuclear plant and the deep digging of the Port of Miami. The destruction of the Everglades and Florida Bay is not rocket science. Greed is destroying Florida. Sadly most say nothing or repeat the lies they are fed.