Wednesday, January 06, 2016

# vanillaISIS ... by gimleteye


Anonymous said...

"Waiting for the declaration of a new nation-- Teabagistan. #YallQaeda.”

Yall don't come back.

Thanks for the laugh, actually it's quite unsettling.

It will be interesting how the black polished shoes handle this one.

Anonymous said...

If armed black people during W Bush had taken over a government facility...what would be the cries from GOP and how many dead?

Anonymous said...

Must Everything Be So Partisan and Racial? Really?
There are many factors to consider besides race and party affiliation on matters such as these. Please look beyond your nose.

cyndi said...

i just wrote a blog about this five minutes ago. check out the daily video its hysterical. Steven Colbert sent them oreos.
Anonymous. its not even partisan. It's so crazy it's hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Canadians are going to want to build a wall and make the USA pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Wanna-bees / pussies. Join the actual armed services and take the fight overseas to those you hate. Oh, wait, those towelheads shoot back! That's OK, stay here and play fat ol' Army guys. The standoff will be over when you run out of donuts. Just a bunch of bums who want to feed their cattle at taxpayer expense, just like the sugar industry. You could make a go of it without stealing from the taxpayer.