Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marco Rubio Doesn't Have A Clue of What a Public Servant Is! By Geniusofdespair

This was actually in the Miami Herald attributed to Marco Rubio, who wants to be President:

"I don't want to be in politics my whole life. I want to serve our country and I'd like to do some other things. Like maybe own an NFL team or something."

Well that is serving our country - buying an NFL team.  Here is the strange part. He struggled to pay his student loans and his mortgages (a house he owned in Tallahassee with shamed David Rivera had a foreclosure). He needed help from his friends at Century Bank to get a mortgage. He used ECO money for fixing his car and general living expenses.  His friends at FIU had to give him a cushy teaching gig so he could pay his household expenses. So why does Marco Rubio, a guy that has been living hand to mouth, think that in politics he will amass enough money to buy a sports team? Something is very wrong with his aspirations and his expectations of serving. If he expects to have that much money after serving the people of this great nation, he should not be serving period. He is a warped 'Patriot'.  Get this pariah out of politics.

P.S. Who exactly buys his books? The Republican Party? I will have to renew my Stop-O Marco Campaign.


Anonymous said...

Well, many politicians see running for and serving in public office as get rich schemes. That is why so many of them are in jail. You can always tell a tree by the fruit it bears.

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio will soon get a "clue" when federal agents knock on his door with a warrant in hand. It is well known now that disgraced Rep. David Rivera IS talking to a grand jury and both Rubio and County Commissioner Estaban Bovo (yes the one who kept absentee ballots in his county office) and Bovo's wife, who is Rubio's secretary, will soon face their day in court. High time for corrupt officials to be brought to justice.

Mr. Freer said...

Ugh, he sounds like such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

you mean kind of like LBJ who spent his entire career in "public service" and came out of it a millionaire?

Anonymous said...

He does not sound like an idiot - he is one! This really does show that he has no idea of what public service is. Oy

Anonymous said...

Not like LBJ his wife made money:
Notably well-educated for a woman of her era, she proved a capable manager and a shrewd investor. After marrying LBJ in 1934 when he was a political hopeful in Austin, Texas, she used a modest inheritance to bankroll his congressional campaign, and then ran his office while he served in the navy. Next, she bought a radio station and then a TV station, which soon made them millionaires.

Anonymous said...

Rubio is 'spot on' about Senate to NFL just forgot to consider the stop on K Street as a multimillion dollar a year lobbyist for "$ervice of $ocial i$$uses he believes in'.

Opportune theft of a Senate seat and Presidential harrumphing (never likely) are just 'prep school' for K Street 'cashing out' finale.

Add in a Fixed Noise (Fox News) contract, speaking fees from Conservative Fanatic Groups, some wealthy GOPer, some sweetheart consultant contracts ala Jeb Bush and adding Rubio to a group trying to buy a NFL team and Shazzam...ownership.

The positive in this scenario is that Rubio leaves Florida once and for all, he already sold his Westchester residence, and spews his trash in D.C..

Sooner Rubio cashes out, the sooner he stops doing harm to Florida. I'll buy him a Metro ticket to K Street today!

Anonymous said...

"she proved a capable manager and a shrewd investor. " (LBJs Wife Aka Lady Bird)

You mean like Hilary and her pork belly deal. STOP defending thieves just because they belong to your party whichever one that is. LBJ may or may not have lined his pockets with ill gotten gains but he sure knew how to steal votes (can't argue with that). Maybe thats what JEB is trying to emulate?

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder and Lois Lerner have set a high bar for public servants.

miaexile said...

if our other Senator from Florida was a dynamo it would be clearer to the masses what an airhead Rubio is. htf did Florida vote two subpar candidates into the Senate? Florida, never an "a" state, but man we are sinking into "d" territory rapidly

Lincoln said...

"I want to serve our country AND I'd like to do some other things. Like maybe own an NFL team or something."

Did you miss the word AND? Rubio didn't say that owning an NFL team was serving our country. He said he would like to do that AND serve our country.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

New Terrorist List

President Nicolás Maduro announced Saturday that his government has created an "anti-terrorist list headed by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, ex-CIA chief George Tenet, ultra right-wing Congressman Bob Menendez, by Marco Rubio, by the she-wolf Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, by Mario Diaz-Balart."

Read more here: