Saturday, February 28, 2015

US Army Corps of Engineers permit application in Broward County: seriously? … by gimleteye

The Corps offers notice of a permit application to fill wetlands in Broward County. Specifically: 1.4 acres "of historical mitigation wetlands" for an industrial facility.

The Corps conditions the notice: it is for "expansion" of an existing industrial facility. But how can the Corps authorizing filling any wetlands that have already been designated as mitigation for an earlier removal of wetlands? Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Isn't this like re-gifting a present you gave to another person? The first person gifted you, the public, some designated wetlands because that person (corporations are people!) wanted to fill some wetlands and the Corps said, OK! Now a second person has come along, to take those designated wetlands -- erasing the mitigation -- and will be required to do, what exactly for that privilege?

If the 1.4 acres was already designated as "mitigation" for to allow another project to move forward in wetlands, is it still mitigation if the "historical" designated wetland is filled in?

I'm rubbing my eyes.

A public notice for the permit application described below has been posted at

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Project Name: Cliff Berry Family, LP/Storage Yard
County: Broward
Comment Due Date: MAR 18, 2015
File Name: SAJ-1988-1204(SP-KDS)

WATERWAY AND LOCATION: The project would affect waters of the United States associated with the Intracoastal Waterway. The project site is located at 3400 SE 9th Avenue, Section 23, Township 50 South, Range 42 East, Dania Beach, Broward County, Florida.

PROPOSED WORK: The applicant seeks authorization to discharge 16,940 cubic yards of fill in 1.4 acres of historic mitigation wetlands for the expansion of an existing industrial facility.


Anonymous said...

Paving mitigation? Piece of cake; done all the time. Read Pittman and Waite's "Paving Paradise" for more examples.

Anonymous said...

Must be payola for someone.

Anonymous said...

That is sick but you missed this request to the Army Corps.

Alexandria said...

The SFWMD does this all the time. Recently they are looking at everyone's designated wetlands and reclassifying them as compromised. This is a travesty since in 2016 10 different species of invasives like Australian Pine are supposed to be removed & eradicated. Originally it was supposed to be done in 2006 but Jeb the scum Bush pushed it out till 2016. Most wetlands have invasives so the creeps at SFWMD continue to let developers pave every square inch. I hope Dante's Inferno gets every one of them since they sold their souls a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Rick Scott: making Florida friendly for business, and leaving no prisoners behind.