Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Weather … by gimleteye

I wonder how many of the new residents and visitors to Miami have any idea how unusual our winter weather has been. I also wonder about those who have lived here a long time, and if the weather we are experiencing even registers as impactful.

I know the answer. It doesn't. Because if it did, alarm bells would be going off.

We've had warm winters before, but never one so consistently laden with spring-time moisture. The Herald picked up the thread, on the impact to farmers in South Dade. "… weather has been the overarching issue. Sam Accursio, whose family grows 2,000 acres in Miami-Dade, said this winter has been 10 degrees hotter than normal. That accelerates how big and how fast crops grow."

Go to any of the farmer's markets and see strange sights: mature crops in late December and early January.

This is, by the way, why climate change is a national security threat. Food supply.

Jeb Bush who is running for president and Marco Rubio helping Jeb's campaign simply standing and making a good story of competition where there is none: both these Florida politicians deny climate change or, by their silence, say there is nothing we can do about it.

Nothing about crops cycles shot to Hell by global warming or vanishing glaciers and snowpacks that supply water for more than 2 billion of the world's poorest people in Asia -- it's all in God's hands.


Al Goar said...

I had to pressure clean my patio last week and in the 31 years I've lived here, I've NEVER had to drag out the pressure cleaner after November.

Mold and mildew never grew in South Florida in December.

And now it is.

Jeb said...

Dead on! In past decades, typically outdoors we wore sweatsuits/hoodies with cotton in ears and sunglasses to keep eyes from watering, slept under 3 blankets, used space heater when showering, had dry parched sinuses, etc., but year by year those past winter woes in SoFla are becoming long lost memories.

And those recent days-long rainy periods? Looked a lot like typical warm-weather extratropical lows working pushed north up the gulf stream, as opposed to systems barreling in from the north.

Was going to do a post on this, but you beat me to it -- good job...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a scientist.

Anonymous said...

I've got the bug bites to prove that things are not the way they used to be. That was one of the joys of winter--no bugs, just warmth and sun.

Seneca Carlin said...

Stop complaining and enjoy your winter mangoes
As Monty Python song says always look at the bright side of life.
Whether you drive a Prius or an SUV this will all be nothing some day, enjoy your gift of existence.
And yes the climate is changing, it changed when humans didnt even exist.

Anonymous said...

Winter Mangoes? don't I wish! maybe off shore ones---picked early bla in taste.
Yes Seneca, This present global warming has been going on for centuries. Ages & records ago we don't have, but Adam & Eve survived in the cold even when they were naked.
Crops of all kinds grow with sunshine, water, fertilizer, cultivation, and weather of fluxuating temperatures.
We're still eating!

CATO said...

Adam and Eve? Really they weren't historical figures (well unless of course you think the world is only 10,000 years old).

And no global warming hasn't been happening for centuries there's a couple of Ice ages you forgot to account for. Even those hairy neanderthals and cromagnums probably put on some clothing (that is of course if you believe in evolution)

Carbon man made emissions may have something to do with climate change or may not, that doesn't preclude us from trying to do "sensible" things to protect our environment (short of forcing everyone to drive a prius, live in a tree, eat organic and stop farting). Like some people who skall remain nameless would have us do.

Anonymous said...

This just in, snowbirds have now been added to the endangered species list.

Conchscooter said...

I thought I alone had noticed how weird the non-winter weather has been. Showers, humidity, no cold fronts, and I need to carry my waterproofs on my motorcycle year round to guard against the unexpected.
Rising tides next.

Anonymous said...

Just a few short years ago it was F 46 to 55 in Miami over Xmas. Now 78 to 80... Rubio and Bush are dopes. Is Jeb Bush still friends with that deadbeat Ron Krongold?

Anonymous said...

ive been telling anyone who will listen how humid and moist its been. I don't find the temperature so uncomfortable but its the first time ever Ive run my AC in December and have had the house closed up since that one week of cool weather in mid December, I cant sleep with that moisture