Monday, January 05, 2015

January 3rd Buzzing at the Mall. By Geniusofdespair

Didn't people get the memo, you are supposed to shop BEFORE Christmas not after. The photos below were taken at 4pm at Aventura Mall. The whole mall was jumping but I just took two pictures on my way out.

Are you sure it is over Gimleteye? Where are you hanging out?

Meanwhile I have started gambling, playing Texas Holdem again and losing again. I had nothing but a bunch of "almost" hands. As I left the table I said "Everyone enjoy my money." They were all very cordial and chuckled. There was an hour and a half wait for the cheaper tables at the Isle Casino in Pompano. Everyone is looking for fun, whether it be shopping, gambling or watching football games. No one is enjoying nature that I could see but look where I was hanging out - in all the wrong places. An 89 year old woman was at the card table for 12 hours and wasn't enjoying much of anything, just taking up space so everyone else had to wait an hour and a half. Meanwhile, I played the slots after losing at cards (with $5) and made half my money back. I only play $40 at cards. If you get all $1 chips you look like you have a lot, even though I really wanted a red chip. People send me red chips please.

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Anonymous said...

If I am going to gamble, I would rather put it in stocks or bonds.