Monday, August 18, 2014

Lynda Bell for District 8? NO WAY! The most important blog you will read!! By Geniusofdespair

Read this BEFORE YOU VOTE,  and use the links, I don't put them in for my health, if you have read them, thank you, if you haven't do it, this is my most concise history:

Daniella Levine is qualified by petition. Lynda Bell awaits as of May 4th the results, she has also submitted petitions said Doug Hanks of the Miami Herald.

When Lynda Bell comes to your door with that smiling face, don't let her off easy (and don't let her in). Question her.  Or, better yet, say you are going to vote for her and she will leave in 5 minutes. If you don't, you will have to endure at least 20 minutes of convincing: I am a mother of 3 daughters I have 8 grandchildren with Hispanic last names, I was the first woman mayor of Homestead and was hated, only serving one term, I am a fiscal conservative (tea party), my husband and I teach Sunday school, we are business owners; I am the National Delegate of Florida Right to Life.

What Lynda Bell won't tell you at your door -- that I believe is all true: In redistricting I took out all the people that would not vote for me like parts of Homestead and all of Pinecrest; My daughter is living in a trailer in my backyard for over a year; While Homestead Mayor, I changed a towing law in Homestead so the Former Mayor of Sweetwater (in jail) could get the contract;  I was the only commissioner to vote to put Pink Slime in meat served by the County to people; I got help from David Rivera in my last campaign and shared his office for awhile; To the dismay of the whole environmental community, I voted to lift a 30 year deed restriction after only 5 years;  I misrepresented Audubon of Florida at a May 6th, 2014 County Commission meeting and I claimed I did outreach before I rushed through a resolution the Everglades Foundation told me was bad for Everglades restoration - in other words I lied; I single handily dismantled DERM and tried to water down wetland protection with a task force;

It is rumored that I am strong-arming big companies for campaign donations with the veiled threat of retribution by county investigations and withholding county services; I got thousands of dollars from rock miners for my campaign and over a hundred thousand from Wayne Rosen in both ECO's and my campaign account; I didn't vote for the help libraries needed; A rich guy I am tight with (He held my victory party at his home) formed a mortgage company and gave my husband a mortgage to become a business owner, the Redland Hotel, before that he was on disability and he was a plumbers helper; I stole Frank Nero's geo-spatial website idea and called it my own after I helped get him fired from the Beacon Council;

I proposed a chain link fence ordinance not telling the rest of the County Commission there was a chain link fence company registered to my address and owned by my daughter; I claimed I protected the Environment on my website when it was untrue; I was endorsed by the Christian Family Coalition - a gay hate group,  I voted to move the Urban Development Boundary for the racetrack; My husband's failed campaign for Mayor is being investigated by the State's Attorney's offfice for Absentee Ballot Fraud;

I named an affordable housing building with $10,000,000 of your tax dollars in it, after my mom who never did anything of note in Miami Dade County but raise me; I went to Tallahassee trying to make an end-run around the local government on the CRA; I sue people a lot and they sue me in feuds my former staffer Lois Jones and my neighbor Elaine Navarre as examples; I moved my office from the Government Center where the rent was free to Palmetto Bay during the down-turn when money was scarce - with the rent, the renovation and furnishings you the taxpayers are paying about $63,137 a year to keep me close to the coffee shops or  $252,550 over four years; etc. LYNDA BELL won't tell you things like that. But don't ask. Just give her a thumbs up and let her go on her way or she will talk your ear off.

Lynda Bell: Nice Smile, But Bad History.
Lynda Bell is very good at door to door, don't kid yourself, she knows how to mask her devious side and her vindictive behavior to get your vote. You will see her sign on your neighbor's lawn. Go over there and educate your friends.

Let's not forget her leaving left over food to rot at her Farm Share Extravaganza.


Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell in one word....TRASH

Grillo said...

Let us pray and hope that voters wake up and do the right thing:

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell voted to give away Parcel B without an RFP or any bidding. Parcel B is the waterfront 4 acres that might be worth $400 Mil. Bell was one of 8 commissioners who voted to give it away. All the Cubans and Juan Zapata and Dennis Moss voted to give it away.

Anonymous said...

Corrrupt is what corrupt does!

Anonymous said...

I'd say if she comes to your door chat her up at length.

The longer she spends lying to you, the less time she has to lie to others.

Anonymous said...

Let’s not forget that she allowed the landlord of the building where she built has her posh office to screw her previous campaign manager out of the commission due him for finding her space. I hear Lynda didn’t even try to help him when he asked her to help. Even though she was able to strong arm her landlord for campaign donations to candidates she was supporting.

Anonymous said...

The building owner also owned the land where Lynda is building the $10 million dollar building with her mother name on it.

Anonymous said...

We keep hearing, from some quarters, that Daniella is the in the pocket of the unions, esp. the police. But she has also been endorsed by Sierra Club, SAVE Dade, the United Teachers of Dade, Kendall Federation of Homeowners Assn., The Miami Herald, The National Assn. of Social Workers, Katy ("Good Government Inititive") Sorensen, and countless other people and organizations committed to public service and the public good The only endorsements I've heard Lynda garner are from FL Right to Life and the Farm Bureau. Telling?

Anonymous said...

I’m sick of people saying that Daniella is corrupt; She has never served in public office how would you know . I’m a republican but can see how corrupt Lynda has become. I supported her in the last race, the way I see it she already had her chance, SHE BLEW IT!!!! She deserves to be thrown out of office by the same people that put her there. Just like she was kicked to the curb in Homestead. Daniella deserves a chance to prove herself to us if she’s corrupt like Lynda we can take care of her out 4 years.

Anonymous said...

The Entire Farm Bureau endorses Lynda Bell? You have to be kidding........

Anonymous said...

My how times have changes last time she ran for her seat Flinn got the endorsement from the Farm Bauer she couldn’t even pick up the Farm Bauer in her own back yard. Way to go Lynda glad to see at least 2 organizations endorsing you this time.

Anonymous said...

The unions sure were not lying when they said the mayor claiming a $200 million budget shortfall back in in June was BS and closing libraries and 400 less cops was not the answer.

That has been Bell's platform ever since. "our backs are to the wall, all the reserves are gone, it's the greedy unions with their walking and breathing pay, cutting the employees' pay and benefits is the only way to keep services up".

Smash cut to August, the polls are open, taxes are flat and the mayor's on a town hall tour saying he's miraculously found $200 million and has offered to put most of employees back at full pay and benefits, just a wee tweak to the health insurance plan.

Wonder if Bell's going to claim she found the $200 mi to restore services?

So who's been lying?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maurice for that great update. I’m sure all the boys and girls in our county will be more than happy to share public restrooms just like at home. How stupid do you and Lynda think the voters in district 8 are? This is a whole bunch of fear mongering by people like you that Lynda and Castillo use to do their dirty work.

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell and others are correct, public sector employees make too much. County painters making $80,000 per year? County electricians making $90,000 per year? None are burdened by having to find customers. Pension Plans? Who gets a pension in the private sector?

Anonymous said...

Can you please repost that link to the county employee and county police officer salaries? I would like to check for myself if those salaries are really as high as people say they are. I also have some people I want to check on. Thx.

Anonymous said...

Funny how eyeonmiami deleted the reader post listing Daniella Levine's special interest endorsements. Guess there's no room for the truth on this blog.

Chauncey said...

I laugh so hard whenever I see an anti-Levine Cava post and then see it mysteriously disappear an hour later, often without mention.

Someone here loves censorship!

Anonymous said...

Lynda Bell is saying the county pays it's painters and electricians $80-90k/yr?

I only see county jobs posted for semi skilled painters starting for $26k/yr. and max out $38k/yr..

Either way Lynda hasn't done crap about pay scales in four years, she's just bitching now because she about to get kicked out on her ass

She's throwing everything against the wall and hope something sticks.

either way here's the link
Top 500 list

Geniusofdespair said...

I already said dump on unions and you will be removed. Pay attention. Dump on unions on some other blog

Anonymous said...

Which county painter or electricians earning a paycheck, caused this hemorrhage of tax dollars? , Who ALLOWS a private limo parking lot to cost taxpayers $6.5 million? I blame Commissioners and the Mayor for allowing this kind bull shit waste of money. And to top it off it's now given over for a museum that has no prior history or endowment.

Where are you my Commissioner Bell, when you probe Catalyst Miami yet ignore this mess?

"But it’s the county that has the last word because it holds property rights to the lot, which has been abandoned for 12 years."

“The Miami Heat and the arena are using the space almost for free, as a parking lot, for $500 a day during basketball season or concerts,” Commissioner Juan Zapata said. “The Heat should have developed the space from the start."

"Later the rights were passed on to the county, which is renting it annually for $40,000 or $50,000. But the maintenance of the property has already cost $6.5 million.”

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for! (and who you vote for!)

Let's keep these comments so we can compare them in four years!

Most here were in love with Giménez..... and now?

Anonymous said...

ha! You removed my post regarding AB and how Bell has already won this race.

I didn't mention Unions, I didn't insult you. Your running a scam and conducting yourself like every other media outlet in controlling what people should read.

I understand that there has to be rules but only allowing what you want is hypocritical when you criticize that the Herald isn't drafting an article that you want for them to post.

The Real Slim

Geniusofdespair said...

Didn't mean to remove that post but when you are bouncing around in a car doing this, shit happens. Maybe Gimleteye did it? I don't agree with your prediction but absentee ballots are a fraud and I do hate the corruption they bring.

We are the only blog that allows completely anonymous comments. Do yourself a favor, go somewhere else to read.

Anonymous said...

Anom above we may not know what we're getting but we know what we have and it needs to be voted out, is that simple.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you AB is a fraud and only hope that it can be changed.

Next Tuesday after the polls close and the AB results are made public, you will see a huge disparity between Bell and Cava. If I am wrong, I will eat crow, celebrate for Bells loss and make a donation to your site.

If I am right, you have another term to bash Bell. Which sucks because it appears to be the only thing you write about over the last year.

Is that a bet? I hope I am wrong, for your reader's sake.

The Real Slim

Anonymous said...

Every time a see that food wasting, I think of all the people in central and northern FL begging for food.

Anonymous said...

Precious food wasting, dogs in the filthy nasty backyard, her daughter living in a trailer in her backyard, pushing the people who got her elected under the buss, every one of them.

Taking a contract from a Homestead business owner and changing the law to put that contract in the hands of a corrupt and now jailed mayor, putting her mother's name on a building, a woman who had nothing to do with Miami, pink slime, wire fence in the front yard because her daughter and son-in-law have a chain link fence company, the list goes on and on. How much more evidence do you need to get rid of her?

How can anyone think of putting this disaster back in office?

Take your cue from Homestead. These are the people that know Lynda Bell, follow their lead and get her out of office.

If you don't do that, she will be like a stuck animal, she will come unglued and go after you (the areas she lost) with a vengeance. This is a very vindictive woman. She will not hesitate to hunt anyone she even thinks is against her.

Anonymous said...

Real slim
You are suggesting Cava will win the popular vote but will lose the election due to a large and disproportional AB vote count? You also claim you know the organization that is carrying out this illegal miscarriage of the democratic process and you bet WHAT? Leave the bitch alone?

Not a chance. What's more IF we see another sketchy AB vote count in this race (and you know they are watching) hubby is going to be toast in his AB criminal investation down south, and you think your Honey Boo Boo is going to skate on that indictment?

One last point,, You know it is MDPD cops who carry on these investigations?

while cops would never target someone based on politics, when Bell is parading around town calling cops overpaid lackeys, you can be sure they are being extra vigilant on this case

See you at the polls Slim.

Anonymous said...

I already voted for Cava.