Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dolphin's Funding at County Commission Again Today. By Geniusofdespair

Citizen's vote on the Marlins Dolphins Stadium financial deal is scheduled for May 14th according to the agenda for the Miami Dade County Commission today. They can put lipstick on this pig all they want, I will still do a thumbs down, no corporate welfare for billionaires. The local Democratic party questions the deal, Chairwoman Annette Taddeo Goldstein said:
"At a time when we are cutting funding from much-needed programs, I find it appalling that our taxpayers — after our recent experience with the Marlins — are once again being asked to foot the bill for a billionaire sports team owner..."
Make your own decision, and be sure to vote on May 14th.

Marlins Dolphins deal to be voted on at the county today.

Tourist tax part.

The County Commissioners will also be voting on a supplemental report of modifications to the deal with the Marlins Dolphins.


Anonymous said...

How convenient for Miss Lynda to be absent.

Anonymous said...

The supplement doesn't amend the agreement at all. It provides the report from two consultants that dug into the Dolphins' books and outlines the Mayor's arguments for supporting the deal.

As much as I'm no fan of public financing of sports arenas, I'm also dissapointed that the Dems (of which I am one) would conflate general tax uses for services with specialty tourist taxes that are only allowed to be used for specific purposes like stadiums and convention centers.

Now if you want to argue that those funds could be better spent on other worthy - and eligible - projects like the Beach convention center, then the Depocratic party would be making an honest argument.

Anonymous said...

The local Republican Party also passed a resolution against public funding for the dolphins. Both parties believe this deal sucks.

Anonymous said...

The deal does not suck. Gimenez and his team did an outstanding job on this deal. They held the Dolphin's fins to the fire and got tremendous concessions and penalties for non-performance.
The misinformation is astounding and the voters will vote no with the Marlin's deal fresh on their minds. Too bad, Miami will always be a second or third rate city based upon the lack of vision for the future and people who repeat incorrect information as the gospel truth.

Anonymous said...

It sure does suck if we as taxpayers are expected to help pay for a private business venture that billionaires own.

Tracey said...

I hope Gimenez is under electronic surveillance. His flip flop is very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Miss lynda was busy with kissing up to FPL with their nuke plants or rustling up chickens to lay eggs for her not-so-senior breakfast

Anonymous said...

I feel better about the Fins deal than I do the marlins, simply because that stadium will not tear down a Miami landmark and it already has a community use for other things than the fins. The stadium is not a one trick pony.

However, getting it through the general public vote is another thing. Everyone, is tired of feeling like they are getting lied to by the government officials. I am not comfortable with the dealing that went on; I am sure there was much of it in the crevices of county hall.

Anonymous said...

Miss lynda was too busy with kissing up to FPL with their nuke plants or rustling up chickens to lay eggs for her not-so-senior breakfast or hanging out in china to worry about her constituents opinions on the stadium. It doesn't matter really, this deal was on track and she probably left a memo somewhere about it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations 4th Anon hit the nail on the head:

“Too bad, Miami will always be a second or third rate city based upon the lack of vision for the future and people who repeat incorrect information as the gospel truth.”

Miami will always be a second-or-third-rate city because of the invasion of public corruption. Nowhere in the United States does public corruption exist as in Miami-Dade County. It is everywhere and both parties are involved.

To return Miami to the realm of political credibility we must first clean up the corruption that has permeated every part of our communities. It is choking us. One has only to look at what is happening with our elected officials when they thumb their collective noses at the public and carry on as they please to rape the community mercilessly for their own nefarious gain. Nothing will become of anything they do because we the people let them get away with it.

In case you don’t know it, Florida is now being called nationally “The Unconstitutional State.” What can we expect when the Constitution is so blatantly ignored and/or abused by an omnipotent group of incompetent so-called leaders in Florida who rule only for themselves? Where is our political structure? There is none. They make up the rules as they go along and do as they please with our tax dollars because they know they can get away with it ...and have.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Bell knew how to write (or this it right?) a memo. I thought Fast (formerly Fat) Eddy did those. Bell voted initially for the Dolphins so she can run but not escape it. She can't escape her deplorable record, though someone in her office has probably calculated how much of tax payer funds she can use from her office of propaganda to lesson the burden of her campaign PAC! She's her own version of Castro/Chavez getting rich off the public using tax payer funds to get her re elected. Nice job if you can get it (for your kids & spouse too)!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say we are not a 1st rate city like New York, Chicago, or Boston?

Obviously there is NO Public Corruption in those places!

Oh wait... that's right, there was massive public corruption in all of those places before Miami was ever a thought in the Tequesta's heads.