Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Redland Farmers are Pissed Over Proposed Dump. By Geniusofdespair

Is it any wonder the residents in the Redland are angry? Look at where the proposed dump is -- in the middle of the farming area, many surrounding property owners have been there over 30 years.

When 80 people show up in the Redland to protest a dump that is like 2,000 people in your neighborhood. People are pissed! Here is a letter to the Mayor that Eye on Miami obtained. I don't think that Carlos Gimenez is going to like the tone of the letter - he can be prickly - but hey, these are mad farmers and I don't blame them and I totally agree with nixing the dump:

With all due respect, Mayor Gimenez, and Deputy Mayor Hudak,

I would like county officials to understand that we are not your Feudal Serfs, you are not the Lords of the Kingdom of Redland. We are RURAL CITIZENS, we pay our taxes, and we deserve to be represented, as a community just as judiciously as any urban or suburban community in Miami-Dade County.

Redland FARM Area is NOT a depository for any and all services and headquarters you feel you need to expand (the dump description includes ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDINGS). Redland residents rallied to prevent that 10 ACRES from becoming a police station, and then a fire station. And we certainly don't want a DUMP there, on our "back 40."

The algorithms you've been using to determine "public interest" do not equate out here in Redland FARM Area. When 50 people show up for a meeting, that represents a lot of territory! And I've seen the county spin that number to indicate lack of interest (ie: opposition). I attended a West Kendall Community Council Meeting, during Thanksgiving week! a few years back. MORE than 25 of us managed to find out about it, from word of mouth and e-mailing each other, and showed up to OPPOSE the proposition allowing the infamous Lennar Devourment Corpulation (remember Country Walk?) to build behind the UDB! 

After the meeting, the county announced that such a low number in attendance indicated a "lack of interest", with no mention of the shameful inadequacies in "Information and Outreach" to people who care.

Ethics violations by counsel members were soon exposed by the Herald, and rules were changed - but not in time to stop Lennar's "Kendall Square" - under construction right now on farmland. So, another giant chunk of Redland FARM Area was lost to devious developers. And what they are erecting are big, ugly monstrosities. Go see for yourself.

Redland FARM Area must be preserved as an AGRICULTURAL COMMUNITY, with its "Redland Raised" produce, huge groves and nurseries, exotic koi farms and orchid houses, animal farms, horse ranches and feed stores!

People from your side of the UDB, come to our side of the UDB to get away - not to drive by a 10 ACRE DUMP!

Redland FARM Area - Keep it Ag.

Pat Milone
Native Miamian - Redland resident since1978


Anonymous said...

They rally against any services being located in their area but then complain about the lack of services. I would hardly call over-grown lots "farm-land."

Geniusofdespair said...

Don't rag on farmers. These boutique farms are what is happening in the Redland.

Small farms growing specialized vegetables and fruits, like Steve Green's Lychee farm and Stanley Robinson's Avocado farm, are the future. Row crop growers may have more clout but I think we have to bank on and support the tropical products being produced in the Redland - it is produce hard to grow anywhere else in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

This is also a typical pronouncement from the ivory tower by folks who have probably never been this far south and have no clue as to the nature and character of the Redlands and the nearby homes.

Anonymous said...

My small farm probably produces more Tropical Fruit than larger farms. The soil is so rich where I am, everything grows from Mangoes, Avacados, Starfuit, Jackfruit and I even have a Mulberry tree.

We have an Ag Manager, paid very handsomely to promote "Redland Raised" at our Grocery Stores. Farmers Markets are all over the County promoting locally grown.

How the 1st anon can get this area so wrong shows that basically anything South of Cutler Bay is the least understood area in this County.

We are so lucky to have this farming community, large or small, to produce fresh, homegrown products. It's also a 2 Billion dollars plus economic engine in the State.

The area South of Eureka (SW 184th) has a specific "Ag area" designation in our master plan. No one outside the UDB, at least in Redland, has complained about any lack of any services. It's outside the UDB where there shouldn't be and no one wants "urban" services except for developers wanting to build on cheap farm land.

Gimenez needs to put the brakes on this idea. It's beyond stupid, no one asked for it and that's not even getting into the well contamination issues, the traffic & noise problems and so much more that does not fit in the specified rural area.

Dear Mayor Gimenez - leave Redland alone! We don't want to need a dump. In Homestead, less than five miles away from this locations there are at least two recycling centers. One of them is located off of Redland Road (SW 187th Ave).

Anonymous said...

I think County Hall has turned in to Forrest Gump! I wonder where Bell as been during all the public hearings? Faddis is the one showing up and she's a known perjurer per a Judge! Great. We have no representation at the County level in County Hall with Lynda Bell. She's too busy messing with Palmetto Bay to care about Redland! I hope Moss will step up and help us out. He knows this area better than anyone at the County level.

Anonymous said...

Well I am hoping everyone remembers no representation at the county level for District 8 Ms. Bell area in 2014. Right now she is busy causing the other commissioners districts havoc. Including Chair Sosa. You will never put the brakes on her.

Orlando said...

Next time you see Alina Hudak, look for the puppet strings that are being pulled by developers.

Anonymous said...

If this is surplus County owned land, I have a better idea for it.

Why not let the Future Farmers use the property. When they built the new South Dade High School a few years ago, most of their Ag field was taken way. This would be a great use of the property.

Or, it could be sold as surplus to a Farmer or even leased to a Farmer.

I cannot imagine all the work the County put in to updating the Master Plan several years ago to promote "Agri Tourism" and now they want to put a dump right along the way to Schnebly Winery, which I'm sure he's just thrilled about this, though I don't speak to him and do not really know. The way to get to Schnebly is from SW 288th. I'm pretty sure the "Recycling Center" will be very visible to those "Ag Tourists" or even the "Eco Tourists".

I really believe this is plain out the worst idea the County has ever come up with for our Ag areas and over the years there have been some pretty bad ideas.

Please, please, drop this idea and keep these types of projects inside the UDB, away from the farming areas. Even the edge of the UDB on the east side will have the same affect.

However, if common sense at County Hall won't prevail, I'm pretty sure we can move on to the Courts, which we all know will be just a hoot and cost the taxpayers & Redland residents!

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if we could get either Juan Mayol or Jeffrey Bercow to represent us in Redland against the County. Wouldn't that be ironic! LOL

Anonymous said...

Where and who did this idea start? This is the worst idea anyone in the farming district has heard. Why is Ms. Faddis showing up and not Mrs. Bell.? If Mrs Bell does not or if she does its probably some of her friends or familia will benefit from this pchoidea.
When is the next meeting to discuss the trash dump. If anyone knows please post and let Genius know so we can fill the room.

Anonymous said...

Charles LaPradd is the man in charge of supporting farmers. Where is he on this issue.? Let us know Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Redlands not want more police or fire services? Do you all like help being more than 10 minutes away?

Makes zero sense. Miami-Dade please build a station south of 288ST if the Redlands don't need it, we DO.

Anonymous said...

Last anon, I have to ask - where do you live? Do you understand the Farming/Agricultural designation? There is a fire station at Krome & SW 248th, which is a good location. There are designated well areas for fire extinguishers which you probably didn't know about. In any event, if you live in Redland, give us your name, we'll be happy to put you on the information list!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to incorporate the redland area and form our own city..
With responsible and ethical government rather than special interests by developers and maquinita money..

Pete said...

This is the handiwork of Ms. Alina Hudak at the behest of the developers. She is the worst!

Less is More said...

Many of us die-hard Redland residents don't want sidewalks, streetlights, or city water. The fire & police stations are near enough. Some of us don't even have AC(I don't.)We like it dark, quiet,and some of us commute quite a ways to work so we can return to our little piece of paradise. Moody dump is less than 8 miles from the site we're fighting. Sometimes Less is More.

Geniusofdespair said...

Mistake on my first comment: It was Sidney Robinson and he grows avocados and mangoes.

Anonymous said...

they need this in the area. There is too much illegal dumping out there.

Anonymous said...

Bill Losner should put the dump on his property. He will help.

Anonymous said...

To one of the "anon's".....Do you really think a dump will stop illegal dumping? Come on. It will still continue no matter what. People who break the law will never legally bring stuff to a lawful place; it isn't going to happen and that's a pathetic excuse for this crap. Whoever is behind this idea needs to really back off and find something else to do outside of our area. As someone wrote, within five miles is Homestead with several recycling centers and dumps. We don't need one here nor should there be one here.

Anonymous said...

A trash transfer station was discussed at AG Practices about 7 years ago. At that time the County had a location off of Krome Ave west of the fire station. They needed access through a farm field to get to the spot. The owner of the field denied access so the idea went dormant. The farmers wanted it so they could dispose of their oversized tires. The county thought they could stop illegal dumping in Redland if there was a transfer station in the area, probably not a realistic expectation. The proposed spot is too close to residential properties. Maybe at Homestead airport IF people will travel that far. I heard they want admin offices there, stupid idea and not in compliance with the CDMP. Put it somewhere on the UDB perimeter (inside the UDB) to be used by people inside and outside the UDB. To anon above: people in Redland DO NOT ask for services. You must be confused with 8.5 sq mile. Redland folks are smart enough to recognize the domino effect and fight all things not related to ag or necessary for the local community. They are deprived and like it that way. If you want a Publix or Macys, move to the "city". Do not use prescious farmland for urban amenities. I stand firmly behind the warriors fighting this monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Farm Bureau which represent farmers gave Mrs. Bell an award for supporting agriculture in the Redlands now lets hear from Mrs. Bell and Farm Bureau on this trash dump.

Anonymous said...

The Farm Bureau has been a useless entity as far a actual farming goes. It has Alice Pena as it's President after Pro Deveoper Katy Edwards ran away to Broward. Yes, Peter Schebly is in a pic with Lynda getting some kind of award! Real Ag people never would have done it. I think the County gets it's info from the Farm Bureau which basically sells insurance and demands every policy holder becomes a "member" so when they say how many members they have, those are actually policy holders who really have no vote. It's controlled by the large scale farmers like Alger and others who couldn't annex their land for development fast enough during the "good old days" of the 2004-2008!

As to Ag Practices, there are some good people on that Board. The only really bad apple is James Humble from the 8 1/2 sq mile mortgage holder fame!

Anonymous said...

What pathogens might be introduced into the ag district with a dump. Does this make sense.

Imagine losing an avocado grove because somebody threw something away that was infested with who know's what?!!!

This dump makes no sense. Fix it Mr. Mayor.

Outofsight said...

Lapradd loves to get along with lynda ....he will never fight with her. He is everyone's favorite person at county hall becuz his wife bakes cakes that he gives away and of course, he always can find produce to cart north.

8.5 sq mile people think that should have the same services as coral gables and lynda is gonna help with that.

Anonymous said...

This dump site would accomodate the
Redland's Edge (possible incorpo-
ration someday) if property owners in the area wanted to get away from
UMSA---a long haul to Clark Center (down town for BCC Zoning meetings)
This is not the right place for a
Transfer dump station with related buildings--it is outside the UDB
where we have No Sewer Lines, Water Mains, heavy traffic, but just Farming--REDLAND RAISED-- fruits, vegetablesn, Nursery farms
Linda Bell, now vice chair, is acting like "recalled Natacha
Seijas"---88% majority of the voters got rid of her in 2011.
Better keep a keen eye on her,
remember she was the "Derm" Low-Tech Lyncher of the 8-1/2 mile
fiasco & part of the "Growth Model
with campaign contributions from
Local banks-Presidents, lobbyists
for Developers.
This "Dump site" sits outside the UDB--197 Ave & 288St.--very close & is in Bell's District. This area could be in the minds of
Bankers & Developers before too long and has the good graces of
a Bell vote after a possible Com-
munity Council 14 Appeal.
As "Putney, Ch 10 would say,
"Stay informed"
Eye-On-Miami is a great way

Anonymous said...

I was at the Moody Dump today - an early Saturday afternoon. No lines, no waiting, pulled right in, dropped our load, and exited easily. The bays were practically empty. A few appliances, a few TVs, no stress on THAT site! We don't need to waste TAX PAYER DOLLARS to CONSTRUCT, STAFF, MAINTAIN and CLEAN UP, a 10 ACRE site in the middle of FARMS,over private FRESH WATER WELLS.

Less is More said...

The illegal dumping is done by those who cannot legally use a county dump! No Fla driver's license to prove residency in the area. Let's keep it Ag.

Less is More said...

Future Farmers of America could use 10 acres of Ag land - preserve it for them!