Thursday, February 07, 2013

In Homestead Flags Rule. By Geniusofdespair

Homestead, the second nastiest city in Miami Dade County, losing its number 1 spot to Palmetto Bay, is having a Mayoral election this year. These are the rumored candidates.

Councilman Steve Shelley, Current Mayor Steve Bateman and Vice Mayor Jon Burgess
As Lynda Bell found out in Confederate-Flag-Gate,  flags rule in Homestead. That is why I had to add flags to Jeff Porters photo.

Jeff Porter

I heard that if Jon Burgess doesn't run Porter will. My preference would be for George Gretsas to keep his job as City Manager. That means Bateman can go as he is NOT a supporter of the Manager.  I don't think Shelley will run as he told me he wouldn't  last month. Burgess is still on the fence. Get off the fence Jon, Homestead needs you.

Also read the predictions in Homestead is Home.


Anonymous said...

Me thinks there's a Lynda Bell problem as she's on a run to get the County sued, again, from here shenanigans......However, with Homestead, I think the voters there are just glutton's for punishment going back to Steve Shiver and even before him. I don't believe this City has EVER had a non corrupt Mayor and Council members. Palmetto Bay was great - until the the VVLB (that's Vindictive & Vile Lynda Bell) decided to move her office to the furthest North end of Dist. 8 so she could get back at Flinn or whatever her motives were or are!

Anonymous said...

Love the flags!!!!!!!! Can we put a pic of Bell with the Confederate one? No, better not, just an idea! What about a Hudstead Mayor Wall of shame?

Anonymous said...

Steve Shelley, a fine and honest Councilman, will run for his current seat and will probably be challenged by perennial loser Steve Losner.

Jeff Porter, God bless him, lives in Jurassic Park and is not electable anymore.

The boat captain has no record, lots of baggage, and will be trounced by Bateman in a head-to-head battle.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that Homestead with it's pathological mayor as the face of the city can only find Anglo's to run for mayor. That dump will never learn that the good old boys control the dollars and the politicians and that's been going on for ever. Porter and Shelley are the face of the old guard and Bateman can't adapt to the 21st century reality of socially accepted behavior.
Somebody calls it Hudstead, Ho-stead has been another name used they should just call it Hopeless, it fits perfectly.
Break the chains people of Homestead or face more of the same nonsense Bateman has brought to city hall. I agree with the first comment, gluttons for punishment is absolutely correct. Bateman henchmen Williams and Maldonado also need to be sent packing this year along with Mayor Lithium.

Anonymous said...

Two non-corrupt Homestead Mayors:
1. Nick Sincore (Honey Boo Boo Bell's BFF)
2. Irving Peskoe (The owner of Americable, one Mr. Hermanowski, slipped him an envelope stuffed with C-notes. Irving refused.)

Anonymous said...

Nick Sincore? Sincore's ill-conceived, pathetic, and bungled 2003 election attempt which was managed by Dr. Evil Steve Shiver brought Our Lady of the Pink Slime to the Homestead City Council; then to Mayor in 2007.

Many blame Shiver and his incompetence for Bell's entry into Homestead and beyond politics.

Anonymous said...

2003 aside, Nick's 20+ year record speaks for itself.
In 2003, Mama June Bell's Election Day shuttle service included cards bearing her name and number...

Anonymous said...

Porter is related to Sincore and will always be part of the fabfive CLOWNcil which let Shiver run wild in Homestead.
No thanks, been there done that. Incest is no longer a good thing even in a backwater craphole like Homestead.
Move to Palmetto Bay or Cutler Bay Jeffie.