Wednesday, February 06, 2013

FPL Dirty Laundry. By Geniusofdespair

Jeff Bartel, former FPL staffer, is not new to Eye on Miami. Gimleteye wrote about him February 3, 2011. FPL parent company Next Error Era is suing Jeff Bartel but it looks like this could get very interesting. According to the Miami Herald Bartel accused FPL officials of fraud, therefore violating his severance package:

"NextEra’s lawsuit says Bartel breached a non-disparagement clause in his severance agreement and misrepresented himself to induce the company to offer him a severance agreement. Under the terms of the lawsuit, NextEra is demanding that Bartel lose his severance package and be forced to return the money he has already collected.

But Bartel’s lawyer said his client plans to give the severance money back anyway so he can be free from the gag order in the separation agreement."

Get free of that gag order Jeff and then give us a call.

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Anonymous said...

He was testifying in support of the Dolphins Stadium yesterday in Tallahassee...