Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Review, Manny Diaz self serves at Univ of Miami ... By Harry Emilio Gottlieb

I attended last night’s event. It was a Love Fest For Manny. Donna Shalala introduced him and Elizabeth Plater Zyberk interviewed him. Manny looked like he was rehearsing for a job interview with the Obama administration or preparing his spiel for the FL Governor’s race. There was no mention of his support for the Marlins Stadium Funding Fiasco, the illegal rezoning of much of our community like that of the Mercy Hospital property to perpetuate an even greater glut of condos or the dissolving of the Marine Industry on the Miami River for the purpose of Gentrification. There was a brief Q& A. But I was not offered the microphone. Will see if he runs for Governor’s office or gets invited to join the O administration. I hear he cannot get elected to a state wide office. I fear that outside of Miami they will see him as a pretty sophisticated Latino with a lot more charisma and achievements than Rubio. I personally think he has done more harm than good in Miami. Spinning his career as Miami’s Visionary Green and Urbanely Astute Mayor, is a little like praising Romero Britto as Picasso or Andy Warhol!


Anonymous said...

The facts are Manny Diaz left the City of Miami in far worse shape when he left than when he arrived. But his Net Worth went up and he walked away with a $2+ Mil pension so I guess Manny is happy?

miaexile said...

Well said! When things shimmer in Miami, chances are it's a mirage and Diaz proves the point. Remember all that talk about "world class", "world class" --makes me shudder.

Anonymous said...

Manny Diaz got a world class pension - for himself.