Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gimleteye: Traffic patterns in downtown Miami

As the new museum rises to join its other unfortunately sited neighbors in downtown Miami, the questions must be answered now: how can visitors reasonably be moved from cars to places -- cumulatively costing billions -- that weren't sited with any forethought for traffic.

Pedestrians? Will anyone walk between Bayside Marketplace, the American Airlines Arena, the art museum, and the Performing Arsht Center? Cross Biscayne Boulevard. How are people going to move? What will people "take away" about downtown Miami?

And why, when the Herald recently featured former mayor Manny Diaz, wasn't there a critical note?

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Anonymous said...

By water. Because with global warming sea level rise that area will be inundated. Miami Dade county shelved the 200 page Greenprint study to cope with Climate Change, which includes reserving open lands, especially on the coast and barrier islands, to help absorb water. Building museums and performing arts centers instead. And even the $12 billion water and sewer plan is mostly about patching up a decrepit system to get us through the next 15 years. After that, who knows, as the population will start to evacuate perennially flooded communities. Traffic will be light then.