Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gimleteye: This election cycle, where is the money going?

AP reports that a month before the election, nearly all the TV advertisement money committed in the presidential election (by the candidates, nearly $750 billion spent so far) is going to nine states: Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. In 2008, by contrast, campaigns were investing in twenty states.

The unknown is PAC money, invested in the ground game and certainly exceeding the three quarter billion spent on TV. Between sound bite debates through which candidates can be evasive and vague, TIVO where TV watchers skip ads, and pollsters scrounging to find respondents to polls because people are not picking up when calls come in from 800 numbers, we spend more and more money to learn less and less.

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Anonymous said...

$750 BILLION? you mean MILLION, right?