Tuesday, September 04, 2012

All You Cheapskates...Yes You! By Geniusofdespair

I want you to take AT LEAST $100 and divide it up as you see fit. This is who we have to support:

1. President Obama. You can have dinner with him (The plane fare and hotel are included)
2. Senator Bill Nelson. He needs your support they have targeted him.
3. We have to get Allen West out of office. Give to West's Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy.
4. Finally we have to unseat that asshole David Rivera. Give to Joe Garcia. I don't care if you don't like him. He is better than Rivera.

I would suggest $25 to each but do what you will. Help them out now or don't complain when they all lose.


Anonymous said...

My willingness to donate to any of the above is at zero!

The only candidate I'm writing a check to is the other Garcia running against Barreiro!

The reason is simple. None of these National candidates make any difference in my everyday life. That's just me, and perhaps it's selfish or simple. Politics are local in my world. The BCC can and has done the most damage in my everyday life down here in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Many do not understand that the Republican Party, the party of the one-percent, is using its resources during this election cycle to further bolster their economic position at the expense of the rest of the country.

The targeting of Obama, Nelson, Murphy, and Garcia are tactics to ensure that the balance of the nation is rendered powerless and subject to the policies that have nearly destroyed the middle class and bankrupted the nation.

This is dangerous business and should not be misjudged or understated. I know that it is difficult to believe that our fellow Americans could adopt the tactics of economic enslavement but that is the reality. It has come down to me or you.

The size of the economic pie is fixed. Republicans want more at your expense. They want what you have and have taken what you have lost. They have the resources to ensure that they get what they want; you do not. All you have to stop this further erosion of our American way of life is your vote.

Our nation is at a cross roads. Your apathy ensures oligarchy and the elimination of the middle class. Your activism ensures a rebalancing of the scales and everyone's participation in the American Dream.

Geniusofdespair said...

First anonymous, you are being selfish. You also don't have a handle on how things work. Your safe drinking water is reliant on State and Federal rules. Clean air? The same. Laws to stop absentee ballot fraud -- look to Talahassee. Maybe you are non selfish enough to think about the next generation or at least what would happen if you lost your job and were faced with a pre-existing condition. I hate selfish people like you.

Geniusofdespair said...

Comment no 2

Maybe you can write a guest blog for us. Love you comment.

Anonymous said...

Comment number 2, interesting.

This was probably the most glaring statement: "They want what you have and have taken what you have lost. They have the resources to ensure that they get what they want; you do not"

To my thinking, this is very true! What a way with words you have; that is a compliment.

Comment #1 is an obvious frustrated voter. I would not read much more than that in to it.

As someone who regularly fights bad zoning, supports Clean Water Action, Hold the Line and our National Parks, I don't like the GOP line on weakening these protections at the State & National level. But, the BCC does do a lot of damage to these things at a local level, so I do understand what #1 is saying, maybe!

Rock mining on the edge of the Everglades, urban sprawl outside the UDB,and an incredible loss of Ag land - locally, for no reason other than a "build it they will come" and never did or moved out!

Ross Hancock said...

Let me make a case for contributing to state legislative candidates rather than the four federal campaigns in Genius's picks.

1. Conservatives have long understood the strategic advantage of winning state races, and thus now control the majority of state legislatures, even in states like Florida that are majority Dem.

2. Your donation has many times the impact on a small state legislative campaign than on a federal one.

3. The state legislature is where the redistricting is done, which, more than any other factor, determines the long-term makeup of the U.S. Congress.

4. The state legislature is where public unions are devastated, impacting national politics.

5. The state where voter suppression originates.

6. The state of Florida fought and delayed ACA health care reform in the courts, changing the national political climate.

7. The state legislature is where Florida's environment is being devastated.

8. The state legislature is where discrimination against women, gays, immigrants, and minorities needs to be fought right now.

Help me out folks, and add some more...

Then consider dividing your contribution this year among Jose Javier Rodriguez, Doc Solomon, Ian Whitney, and me.

CATO I said...

Let me make the case for contributing for my race for Emperor of Miami Dade
1st- I will win because the position doesn't exist and no one else is as crazy as I am to run for a position that doesn't exist
2nd- Once crowned I will be omnipotent and those who contributed to my campaign will get juicy contracts and no show jobs. Those who don't best move to Broward.
3rd As Emperor I will depose the County Commission and Mayor, institute free public transportation, free healthcare, raises for all government employees and establish a cat house on the first floor of county hall (replacing the current one on the second floor).
4th Al execs from Citizens insurance will be imprisoned in and forced to have all their meals at Burger king for life.
5th Absentee Ballots will be made illegal as a matter of fact there will be no more voting, you voters have done enough damage already.
5th I will kick the Marlin's out of Miami and buy the NY YANKEES and bring them to play at Marlin's Stadium and make attendance mandatory.
I will also move the county Line and put the Dolphins in Broward.

So forget the measly $100 G.O.D. suggest you split 4 ways and write me a $1000 check or better yet bring an envelope stuffed with Franklins and consider it an investment in your future.

Anonymous said...

Comment number 2 is absolutely outstanding. Thank You.

Grayland said...

Ross Hancock is right & #2 comments are on the mark.

I think I'll focus on our State rep races in addition to our local races.

The Rivera/Garcia race is just going to be interesting to watch.

I don't see the GOP losing their majority in the house this election cycle. The senate is a different story. It's too early to call that one.

I'm not donating to any presidential campaign with all these pacs and the obnoxious amount of funds being raised & spent by the campaigns to attack each other - sorry!

Squathole said...

I'll send Cato I a check if he promises to share the Thorazine he buys with it.

Laid off during the Obama years said...

I am unemployed with no job in sight. Why on earth would i want to reelect Obama? His solution to the rescession was to spend money like a drunken sailor. I voted for him in 2008 and I was laid off in 2010. Almost two years without a job.

Four years in office is enough time to see some improvement. Obama made a bad situation worse. Its time to give someone else a chance to run the economy.

Geniusofdespair said...

You can get laid off because of Republican policies that hit you during Obama's term. What do you do? Work in a union or in government. Don't blame the Dems. My brother was a contractor. He lost work because of Pubs. It has lasted through Obama.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to blow your socks off with this one:

Gave Murphy $1,000 last week.

It was before your post, but we can tell him it was attributed to you if you want.


Geniusofdespair said...

Sure M....give us credit if you can...

Anonymous said...

I gave my money to Hancock because of this post.

Ross Hancock said...

Thanks folks...got a surprise bump in contributions yesterday. Part of it going for a voter guide for UM students (UM is in HD114). You know what today's UM students seem most fired up about? Climate change!

Anonymous said...

Best bumper sticker thus far....
OMG = Obama Must Go