Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Erik Fresen's Campaign Report. By Geniusofdespair

Last time I reviewed Erik Fresen's campaign report was in May, I called it Loosey Goosey.

It is time to look again. He is running for State Rep. in District 114.

He got $500 from Prestige Gaming (gambling). However he got $1,500 more from that same address in Oklahoma so let's put it at $2,000. The Florida Panthers gave him $500. The Republican party of Florida gave him a whopping $17,000. I am sure his opponent Ross Hancock will be lucky to get $500 from the cheap Democrats.

Gulfstream Park gave Fresen $500 (gambling). The Sugar Cane Growers gave him $250. U.S. Sugar gave him $500 - he also got $1,500 more from the same address. He got $500 from Texas EZ Pawn. Odd. Lykes Brothers gave him $200 and he had a few law firms such as Holland & Knight and Akerman Senterfitt. Walmart and Walgreens gave him $500 each. He got many donations from healthcare companies and education corporations.

He spent a fortune on office supplies for his campaign office. I never heard of anyone getting their office supplies from Amazon, Target and Walgreens nor have I heard of anyone spending thousands of dollars on office supplies -- over $3,000. Give me a break! He even has a Publix bill for $193.62 for food on 7/28 (for the campaign office wink, wink). On the same day he has a $16.57 bill for food from Pollo Tropical - that is more like it.

He charges his campaign for his gas, food, cell phone and travel. His campaign office manager is Millie Fresen and she gets $2,500 a pop for managing the campaign office.

As of 8/9 Fressen raised $167,325. His challenger Ross Hancock has raised $3,880 (most of it from himself). If you are afraid to ask people for money Ross, you haven't got a chance. Someone throw Ross a fundraiser please! Norman Braman are you listening? Ross hates gambling. Throw a few dollars his way. At least you can say that Ross is not beholden to anyone - he has not one corporate donation.


Anonymous said...

For those readers & their friends who do not support charter schools and mega casino's - I would strongly suggest breaking out your check book for Ross Hancock. Even if it's $10, it's more than he has now.

Money wins elections in Miami Dade. We cannot continue to bitch about this stuff without even making a small donation to a candidate who will not support special interests!

Where is the UTD and everyone else? Yes, the Florida Dem committee are cheapskates!

And, no, this is not the campaign of Ross Hancock, just an irritated voter!

Anonymous said...

most people support charter schools....We can still support Ross even though he doesnt like them. There are hunreds if not thousands of families on waiting lists trying to get in charter schools.How much longer can our childen wait around till our public school system is fixed??? I support Ross but I dont like his stance on this issue and i think it's going to cost him.

Geniusofdespair said...

I don't like charter schools either. They drain money from public schools and they are making Erik Fresen's relatives rich. He is making laws to give more perks for the charters. They have him on the payroll and his government office is in his relatives office. They are all making a bundle because of you stupid, stupid voters. With a vote for Fresen, you aren't helping kids learn, you are helping charter school owners get rich.

Ross Hancock said...

The original vision of charter schools, to be operated by community and non-profit entities, has become perverted by greed. At this point, they are doing more damage than good, and hurting public and private neighborhood schools. I am walking my district, and I do meet many parents who are grateful to have their children in a charter. But a third of charters go out of business, leaving the students stranded and the citizens holding the tab. Cutler Bay wanted to go the charter direction with its new high school, but was able to do much better with an innovative public school. Look at that model, plus other ideas. But Rep. Fresen and several other legislators are lining their own pockets in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Ross didn't ask for a donation but I will - give to his campaign, show Fresen that the people in his district care about ethics in politics and life. And no longer welcome Fresen's representation in Tallahassee. Below is the link to the Ross website, go to the "contribute" link to give a donation or mail a check to his address. Do it today. Even $10 is good. Just as important, volunteer on the campaign. Walk door to door. Tell your neighbors. Put up a sign - even a homemade sign. Write a letter to the editor of local newspapers. (heralded@miamiherald.com). Ethics matter. Issues matter. Our state's future matters.

Anonymous said...

Support Ross Hancock for State Rep. Go to the contribute link to make a donation.

And volunteer

Ross said...

If I knock all the doors at the pace I am going, I won't need much money. But interests who contribute to Rep. Fresen are really getting screwed. He has spent most of the money donated already, not leaving him with all that much. Lobbyists are essentially buying his groceries and dinners at Morton's, and he has written more than ten grand in checks to his mom this year so far.

Anonymous said...

Who all in his family is on the campaign payroll? His wife, his mom, his kids? What do they all do?

Anonymous said...

What's a couple grand to the gambling industry. Do you think you really think they care if Fresen is eating steak every night? No - Fresen just has to serve up gamalbing to the good citiznes of Florida and he will be eating steak the rest of his life.

Keep knocking on those doors Ross!

Anonymous said...

Here's one Republican who will be voting against Fresen. Note to Ross - leave the ballcap at home when knocking on doors.