Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Climate change deniers: care about food costs? ... By gimleteye

Climate change deniers: care about your family first? Read this: Arctic Sea Ice and Climate: The Unknown Unknown The author says:

Now we begin to see the consequences. The polar jet stream, an air current that circles the globe in the higher northern latitudes and separates cold, wet weather to the north from warmer, drier weather to the south, is changing its behaviour.

In a paper in Geophysical Letters last March entitled “Evidence linking Arctic amplification to extreme weather in mid-latitudes,” Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University and Stephen Vavrus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison offered a hypothesis that may explain why world grain prices have risen 30 percent in the past four months (and are still going up).


Anonymous said...

Drought in India, too. Rush baby, give some of those hard earned BS dollars to the starving, will ya? Who needs seasons, anyway.


Anonymous said...

And in Redland where the soil is so rich, just about everything Tropical grows! Redland is (or were) the number one producer of Winter produce as well and our Farmers are just selling our food supply to the highest bigger for no reason development.

Talk about being short sighted or just tired of farming due to cheap foreign imports (which are a huge cause to some serious bacterial infections to consumers)

Buy local if you want to keep what we already have. If not, you've been warned!

David said...

I wonder if the people who lived when the ice age were wondering what they had done to cause global warming? The planet has it's own cycles. I'm not saying that warming may not be real. What isn't proven is if we are warming, we are the cause. The world's most prominent and respected climate scientists were caught with their hands in the cookie jar; cooking the books to support their theories; suppressing dissenting scientific research, and professionally ostracizing those who had the temerity to have a different view. Because of their actions, any potential for proving anthropogenic warming is lost into the same garbage pail their credibility had to be tossed into. This is about science, people. And the scientists have proven fallible to the rush to judgement that caused them to falsify and manufacture their data. Acknowledge reality and then let's move forward together.

Anonymous said...

I would love to send a donation as Genius suggests, but I just spent $100 on a box of cereal!