Thursday, March 04, 2010

White Guy is Running for the Meek Seat in Congress. By Geniusofdespair

Here is a shocker for you: North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin told Eyeonmiami that he is running for Congress - in the 17th District. He said: "I know I can continue the tradition of public service and leadership we deserve in Washington and that partisan bickering has blocked real progress in Washington. The result is a government that is over-committed overseas and under-serves us here at home." You will remember that Scott was Eyeonmiami's first 'Elected Official Beauty Contest Winner' in 2007.

Scott is running as a Democrat in Florida's 17th District, the Kendrick Meek seat. You might argue that this seat can only be won by a black/African American/Haitian American. But I checked the demographics (Washington Post 2006):
White: 32.9%, Hispanic/Latino (of any race): 21.2%, Black of African American: 56.9%, There are about 5% of other races, mixed.

If Scott can pull together the Whites and Hispanics, he has a chance.

Also running in this race: One Republican, Corey Poitier (R) a Teacher. There are 11 Black Democratic candidates, which gives Scott Galvin a big edge as the Black numbers will be diluted. To see the district map and the other Democratic candidates running hit 'read more':

* Leroy Adam (D)
* Marleine Bastien (D)
Non-Profit Group Executive & Haitian-American Community Activist
* Phillip Brutus (D)
State Rep. & Attorney
* James Bush III (D)
State Rep. & Teacher
* Shirley Gibson (D)
Miami Gardens Mayor, Minister, Retired Police Officer & Ex-Businesswoman
* Joe Kelley (D)
Opa Locka Mayor, Ex-City Parks Supervisor & Baptist Pastor
* Rudy Moise (D)
Physician, Radio Station Owner & Community Activist
* Yolly Roberson (D)
State Rep. & Attorney
* Roderick Vereen (D)
* André Williams (D)
Miami Gardens City Commissioner, Attorney & Real Estate Investor
* Frederica Wilson (D)
State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Non-Profit Group Executive Director

Some of you had better drop out if you want to win this thing.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, you may want to check those numbers, they seem to add up to over 110%.

I thought about running, black people love me! Although not too many Haitians do, they like to stick to themselves, especially those mean cabbies!

Anonymous said...

He has a great chance of winning! Once the district was moved out of the liberty City area and went north into southern Broward during the redistricting process, it lost a lot of its core heavy Black population and picked up Whites and Hispanics. It really is a south Broward, north Dade district. Because Scott has a great reputation working with Blacks and Hispanics, he will draw some votes from each group. Remember, he worked for Carrie Meek so he knows their issues and what buttons to push. If he can pull together a great constituent services operation, they would be very happy with him.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the "safe" Black seat was given up during redistricting. Blacks from Liberty City to Florida City are now residuals in Republican Districts. The old Carrie Meek district was a super Black district with Blacks from Florida City to Carol City and was all in Dade County. This will probably be a major fight when redistricting starts again. Since this was viewed as the "safe" Black seat, if he wins it, there could be NO Blacks in the House of Representative from Florida, since Corrine Brown, and Alcee Hastings seats are viewed as less safe. This is interesting.

Ovidio said...

Direct and willing to listen to people, Scott Galvin has a very good chance for mending bridges along racial and political lines and win the district.

As an American Latino/Hispanic who votes for the best candidate and not his ethnicity, he has my support.

Mensa said...

I hate to lose Scott in North Miami. He is the only truly honest person on the Council. He can always be counted on to say the right thing and do the right thing. If the district gets him it will be very lucky.

Anonymous said...

He's a white guy to you, but in the Black community, he is just Scott.

Anonymous said...

Galvin has been a consensus builder in the diverse community of North Miami for years. He is 'green' environmentally. Good guy. I hope this seat is just not about race. I hope it comes down to a choice of 2 for the primaries: Shirley Gibson or Galvin. The Mayor of Opa Locka should leave the race now, he has no chance.

Geniusofdespair said...

They are not my numbers first reader.

jaguar said...

The percentage of Hispanics specifically includes "of any race", so it double counts some White Hispanics and Black Hispanics. You don't really add them up. A white guy winning a heavily Black district points out one consequence of abolishing the primary runoff.

Anonymous said...

Since we don't have a current (2010) census the numbers are a guesstimate but with 11 black candidates in the primary race, Galvin will be in a good position to win even with the guesstimate demographics.

Anonymous said...

He may be able to pull more Black voters than any of the other candidates. They all have very small geographic areas of influence, whereas he worked in the original "safe" Black district. The only new area for him would be south Broward. He probably has friends, associates, and people he has helped in pockets all over Dade County.

Anonymous said...

Scott also worked for Kendrick Meek.

Anonymous said...

I am going to probably vote for Rudy Moise. The man has done everything. He is a doctor, lawyer and even has a MBA!

I like Galvin, but I really don't know who he is, so if the election was today, I would vote for Moise hands down and I am white.

Anonymous said...

Voters need to do better. We should not vote based on race or ethnic background. Our own doesn't necessarily mean better. We should also not vote in following with a political party. Recent times have shown us to consider the candidate as a unique individual. Vote for the person you feel meets the credentials to fulfill an elected position and has the best track record. Then, hold him/her accountable to make sure he/she fulfills his/her public duty.

Good Luck Scott. Stay true to your principles and do the best job you can for the people of Florida and your district.

Lady Elaine said...

If he worked for both Meeks, I am going to assume he is corrupt unless he can prove otherwise.

ABAUM said...

I have known Scott for over ten years, and as a North Miami resident, I can confidently say that he is easily the most effective, dedicated, and competent person on our city council. Scott has a serious passion for public service, and it is absolutely true that he has long crossed racial and other barriers in order to bring people together and effectively represent the city. We will be sad to lose him in North Miami but he would undoubtedly make a great congressman.

Anonymous said...

For Lady Elaine, and others of her ilk.... my husband always claims that every politician must be a crook and a liar. Then I ask him, "What about Scott Galvin?" He hems and haws and admits there are exceptions. As long as Scott Galvin has been in public service - if he were crooked... you would have known by now. Stop making assumptions and do some research. North Miami, and now possibly District 17 has something rare - an elected official who truly believes in public service for the good of the public.

Anonymous said...

Why does race matter? Scott will represent everyone...

Melba said...

Was Scott Galvin working for Meek during the Wackenhut or Poinciana Park scandals? If so, did he stay on defending his boss or did he quit in disgust? Is he still on good terms with the Meeks or has he denounced them and their corrupt ways? Until we hear the answers from Mr. Galvin, I too will assume he is a cog in the Meek corruption machine.

Geniusofdespair said...

Galvin was long gone from the Meek's when the scandals were breaking. He worked for Carrie 1993 to 1999 and for Kendrick only briefly after that.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Leroy Adam -the sleeper. He was born in Miami, his Haitian and Dominican, and he is the youngest candidate. He has the greatest potential to capture enough young voters, Haitian/black Americans voters and Hispanic voters.

Jean Fitzner said...

I like a lot of those candidates. I had a chance to attend the debate, and at first I was liking Shirley Gibson, but by the end of it Rudy Moise stood out the most. I got a flyer from his campaign and checked out his website and he is really out and about in the community.

I hope this race stays clean. Shirly made a real nasty comment that made me realize why I would never vote for old Miami.