Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gonzalo Sanabria Revisited by Geniusofdepair

I wrote about him yesterday (take a look) and I have more to write today.

On his website Coral Gables own, Gonzalo Sanabria, admits to clients such as Vulcan (Rock Miners), and production home builders Lennar, Caribe Homes and Century. He also counts as his clients Latin Builders, Inc. Law firms that appear before him, such as Greenberg Trauig, are also his clients. I don't remember him recusing himself from the Florida City voting when Lennar was clearly involved and Lennar is clearly counted as a client on his website. He was involved in a lawsuit with Ciara Investment while voting on UDB Changes. Ciara had a lot to gain by UDB changes. Ciara sold a massive 466 acres to Krome Gold (3 of our biggest developers: Armando Guerra, Agustin Herran and Rodney Barreto) outside the UDB 12/20005. Sergio Pino, Carlos Martinez, Michael Adler: All clients of Sanabria at some time.

Has Sanabria ever recused himself? Can anyone recall? Better yet, in my opinon, get the hell off the Board...you are too conflicted Gonzalo Sanabria.

I don't have a problem with his being who he is. I have a big problem when he is representing the community and he is so entwined with just about every development interest in town.

In fact, this guy appears so conflicted it is just not funny. It is like me recommending an insurance company to you and I have worked for Geico in the past and hope to again. I am not going to recommend Hartford to you even though I know they will give you a better deal. The incentive of more work from Geico would be too great.

This Gonzalo Sanabria has a Real Estate firm and on their website it says: "Real Estate Works is one of Florida’s premier, privately-owned, boutique real estate investment, development and consulting firms."

He is too involved with real estate and development to offer unbiased planning decisions for the good of the community. Gonzalo Sanabria even admits it on his website copy:

"Gonzalo Sanabria has an uncanny ability to understand real estate and all aspects of future trends, as well as the highest and best use of a vacant parcel – whether it means acquiring it, developing it, re-zoning it and/or marketing or co-venturing it with the right group of partners."

This is not the mindset we need on a board making decisions for the "Good of the Community" and "Good Planning." It is the mindset of a profiteer. Does he sound like a greedy little fellow intent on development from what was written on his own company's website? You be the judge. Commissioner Sally Heyman: Rethink this appointment.

What kind of havoc can Gonzalo Sanabria play on the MDX? Anyone have a clue. I don't know much about transportation.


Moe Greene said...

Eminent domain putting entrance and exit ramps through his pal's properties.
This is just another method to buy loyalty from pal's with taxpayer dollars. Happens everyday.
His being on the MDX means he has access to future plans, there is that pesky Cone of Silence, so they'll pt to text message.

Anonymous said...

Where roads go development follows.
Heyman just lost any credibilty she had with me.Pity.

Anonymous said...

When local governments cry to the state about the need for "local" control, what they really mean is that control needs to be vested in a close knit band of brothers, such as run Century Bank or the Latin Builders Association who the county commission serves... Sanabria has earned his stripes to be part of that band and everyone got rich while the housing boom was booming... now that it's crashing, we'll see who gets shafted. My guess: taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Sally Heymann appointed him? Ick.

Anonymous said...

Is that plan to charge all tolls thru the sunpass system going through?

Anonymous said...

Your disparaging remarks regarding Gonzalo Sanabria are far-fetched and nothing can be further from the truth. If you know so much about him, why did you fail to mention his work with the Hammocks Home Owners Association, in which he personally brought suit against an apartment builder in the early eighties (80’s) . He was a voting delegate in the Kendall Federation of Homeowners Association. He was also a huge proponent in the incorporation of new cities and while he served on the Miami-Dade County Planning and Advisory Board he successfully helped incorporate Key Biscayne, Pinecrest, Doral, Adventura, Palmetto Bay,Sunny Isle, and Miami Gardens. In addition to all that, he was also president of South Dade Concerned Citzens, which fought the zoning intrusions along Eureka Drive and he was the President and Founder of East Kendall Alliance which attempted to incorporate the area that is now East Kendall into an independent city.
While a Director of Latin Builders Association, Mr. Sanabria donated his own time and money to help needy families and children. He could be seen at under privileged areas of Dade during Christmas time along with his Latin Builders Association colleagues giving away foodstuffs,bicycles and toys to needy families.
As I told you in the beginning your slanderous statements are nowhere close to the being real.
Perhaps you should identify yourself, so that we may know who you are and what is your real agenda.

Geniusofdespair said...

Perhaps you should identify yourself gonzalo booster? I stand by my post.

I cannot believe you are bringing up giving Christmas presents etc. give me a break.

Everything I said was accurate. He consistently votes for any and every development that comes before the planning board good or bad.

Anonymous said...

All you people trying to get Gonzalo Sanabria elected in Coral Gables: He doesn't deserve the position. He is a developer's dream...he is not about quality of life for the citizens. Maria Anderson is the best candidate in the race.