Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump Russia Collusion ... by gimleteye

It is turgid reading but useful to understand that Trump’s context is a Russia mafia woven into his businesses for many years. Donald Jr. publicly acknowledged the outsized influence and participation by Russians in real estate businesses bearing the Trump brand. He didn't say "mafia" or that the Russian mob always ties back to Putin. In one way or another, each Russian oligarch is a tentacle of the Putin octopus. The one that held Trump hit the jackpot by intelligent design.

At first Trump was a bit player and inattentive to fraud (laws are meant for OTHER people) as the Russian mob rooted itself in Brighton Beach in the 1980s. (I used to go to Tatiana’s back when the biggest Russia mob scam was fraudulent gasoline tax receipts and kickbacks.) It is 100 % that Putin has this same narrative in a Manila folder in his desk -- including sexcapades -- , told from Moscow Center’s point of view. That is the narrative, btw, that Mueller is recreating carefully and slowly according to US law. #MAGA


Anonymous said...

D.C. is in full blown panic mode right now.

Anonymous said...

Trump only can save himself if he starts a bloody war before November when impeachment and trials for treason are a sure to follow.