Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bridge Collapse and No State Attorney Investigation Considered? By Geniusofdespair

Before the bodies were even removed from the rubble Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced there would be no investigation on criminal charges  by her office of the FIU bridge collapse. WHAT????

On March 16th reporter Jim Defede posted on Facebook:
In an absurd development, the Miami-Dade State Attorney @KathyFndzRundle has already ruled out criminal charges in the @FIU bridge collapse that killed six people saying “charges are probably the most improbable at this point.” @CBSMiami
According to a Washington Post story on March 17th, the lead Engineer called the State of Florida  two days before the bridge went down to report some cracking but said he didn't believe it was a safety issue. So how did Rundle know on March 16th there would be no criminal changes? They were tightening cables on a bridge with cracks when it came down. Even I can figure out that sounds pretty stupid.

CBS reported on March 16th:
As for NTSB investigators getting full access, that will be once the search and recovery efforts are done. Sumwalt predicts that once investigators get full access, they will be there about 5 to 7 days.

There are also investigators with OSHA and the FBI’s Evidence Response Team at the site.
Wouldn't you think Rundle would have waited for the results of ALL these investigations BEFORE her announcement.

They only determined the fatalities were 6 on March 18th. So when did the bridge collapse March 15th?  What a quick response timeline for Katherine Rundle - one day - who drags her feet on every other issue. Wonder what her campaign contributions look like? Might have to look at a PAC or ECO to really know. The Munilla's, principals of one of two firms responsible for the bridge, are big contributors to most County Commissioners and I would think just about everyone else in the County.


Anonymous said...

Standard practice across America. Prosecutors can claim they don't need to prosecute because they believe they cannot convict beyond a reasonable doubt. They don't even need to read incident reports. State government of Florida is getting exposed big time this week. The state is on a records burning mission.

Anonymous said...

Arrgh. At least she was truthful?

Anonymous said...

from her twitter account:

Kathy Rundle

16 hours ago

There are unique complexities in cases like the @FIU bridge collapse tragedy. My office will work with all investigative agencies & we are going to follow the evidence. If criminal charges are warranted, make no mistake, they will be filed.

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is our Mayor Gimenez these days? Sending an assistant mayor is not good enough. If the Mayor is on a Junket, then the assistant mayors, department heads should be there. And Mayor G should be sending out press releases.

Anonymous said...

She is drunk again

Anonymous said...

Can you imagone her prosecuting the Cubanacracy and all the bridges which have to be rebuilt?

Tom said...

I have seen her cozy with the Munillas at social gatherings, just like all of the other local elected officials. However, if you comb through her campaign finance reports. They seem to be missing some of the usual donors.

Her PAC Citizens for Justice has Christian Ulvert as treasurer. Christian is a mastermind at opening and closing accounts and shuffling money around. His firm, EDGE Communications, has collected millions from campaign money if you search for the firm and his name in expenditure reports. He and his boyfriend live a high life traveling the world.

She also uses Brian Goldmeier whose firm BYG Strategies is also amazing at moving money from account to account to account. He and Christian work closely together, and they do a good job at what they do.

So I wouldn’t expect to be able to find the money.

The Munillas do have lots of businesses incorporated at similar addresses. My guess is that they probably pay their lobby and law firms to bundle or make contributions with the politicians having an understanding of where the money is really coming from...

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the most important aspect:
Not to burn any contribution bridges!

Anonymous said...

Could the Munillas be using Manila Envelope system for contributions?