Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mayor Suarez Shimmers With His City in the Background. By Geniusofdespair

What is one to make of  newly elected City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez? I wanted to know so I went to the Urban Environment League's interview with him at the renovated Rusty Pelican. It seemed fitting to see him with a backdrop of stunning views of the City of Miami, his City.

I casually listened to the Mayor to get a sense of who he is. He was relaxed and articulate.  He is polite, handsome and appears to want to make Miami a better place. He marched in the Martin Luther King parade, I saw him there as well. He spoke about his non-partisan status when Trump was brought up. I believe him when he says he wants to be inclusive. He also said that when he won the election.

I liked that he was on panels with others Mayors from around the Country and spoke about them in admiring terms. He was impressed with the Mayor from Tampa's describing the success of the Bay Walk there. It appeared he learned from them.

I think we will be pleasantly surprised by Mayor Suarez. I don't know that he particularly likes me but I get along well with his dad, my Commissioner Xavier Suarez.

I did ask Mayor Suarez to get together with his dad and get those new cars for the Metrorail (I called it a subway -- from New York) quicker. They are saying 2 years. WHAT? The Mayor agreed that 2 years was too long for new Metrorail cars. I reported on the war going on in South Dade over traffic yesterday. Those NEW cars have to be in service now!  I told the Mayor I was taking mass transit and he seemed genuinely happy. He understands the traffic nightmare we are all experiencing and although he spoke of a future of no cars, he understands we have to address the here and now.

I think we have a good soul in office. I look forward to see him thrive and shimmer like the lights of his city.

By the way Mr. Mayor -- love the socks!


Anonymous said...

Mayor Francis Suarez is kind to attend community events like the event held by the Urban Environment League last night. The Rusty Pelican is an excellent venue. The Mayor was shocked to learn executives in his administration were actively plotting to put up to 50 mooring slips for up to 60' long yachts in the middle to the Historic Marine Stadium Basin. That scheme would kill the Miami Rowing Club and its many programs. The Mayor promised to make inquiries.

Anonymous said...

The city is hosting a public workshop to discuss the Marine Stadium basin mooring field at Airtime Theatre, 900 SW 1st Street on Thursday February 1st at 5:30 PM.

Anonymous said...

He's always been a nice guy when I've met him at public events. Doesn't hurt his cause that he's good looking.

Anonymous said...

The mooring is going on anyway. Shouldn’t it be regulated so it is out of the paths of the dragon boats. Can’t we share the riches? If the stadium is going to be renovated we don’t want the mooring field near there. It is a safe harbor we have very very few places that can offer safety to a boat in a storm.

Geniusofdespair said...

Plotting?? No one is plotting how about “planning “. Come on that is ridiculous even by my low bar standards.

Anonymous said...

Let this be a reminder to all men, watch your socks, if you want to impress the lady's, that is :-)

Speaking from experience!

Anonymous said...

He's a gop'er--that says enough for about his judgment. That party is fascist and corrupt through and through.