Saturday, August 05, 2017

Can't stand Trump? Thinking of a move to Vancouver, Canada? Here is the Scoop. By Geniusofdespair

Be Forewarned: The Architecture since the late 70's can be quite bad here. The Canadian's just love Aluminum -- it is every where especially in the condos/apartments.

Vancouver is probably the only place I would consider living in Canada to escape the insanity going on in the U.S.

Some things to think about besides the architecture (that can make you wince)...

• In the city, in 2 full days, I saw 11 people of Color.

• No one said "Eh", big disappointment.

• Bike paths abound throughout the city... wide bike paths. But no Uber or Lyft.

• There is excellent seafood.

• The water can be viewed from everywhere. They even have a park (Stanley Park) with about a 10 mile walk around the perimeter (with a separate bike path). There are 3 beaches within the park. It is not like Miami-Dade where you have to travel far to see waterfront.

• Real Estate prices are high. On Vancouver Island even the condos run near a million.
Yaletown rentals are in the $3,000 range. I did see, in Downtown area, a few 800 square-foot condos for sale in the $800,000 range -- for two bedrooms two baths. Most were more.

• Not that many dogs in the city, or fake yippie service dogs.

• People are more fit either from walking or biking. They aren't in the same shape as people at Trump rallies in West Virginia.

• Less museums than even Miami but many libraries. Maybe they read during the shorter winter days - 4:30 sunset. One library is a bad reproduction of the Roman Colosseum. Over all, a walkable city with friendly, polite people.

More wacky architecture:

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