Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Ten GOP Commandments On Climate Change ... by gimleteye

I went back to review the 10 GOP Commandments On Climate Change after learning about the worst forest fires in Portugal's history. And more:

1) "Rick Perry just denied humans are the main cause of climate change."

2) and a massive heat wave in the Southwest where, in Arizona, temperatures will top 120 degrees. American Airlines is cancelling flights in and out of Phoenix as a result of the heat.

3) and in the Washington Post, a report of rapid melting in Antartica, now, including the first ever report of rainfall. ("Scientists stunned by Antarctica rainfall")

So here are the 10 GOP Commandments On Climate Change. My Republican friends, tell me where I'm wrong:
1) Climate change is like the weather: there is nothing we can do about it.

2) We will adapt economic behavior to climate change as it happens, not before.

3) Dissenters will be isolated from decision-makers.

4) We know what is best for you.

5) Man is top predator: adapt, die or engineer.

6) If some part of climate change is man-made, whatever happens is God’s will.

7) As the party of limited government, environmental regulations are self-defeating.

8) As the party of capitalism, climate-driven policies must satisfy our donors’ interest first.

9) If one size does not fit all, then existing energy subsidies will be protected first.

10) If there is a dispute on climate change, suck it up: cry your Libtard tears. We won.


Anonymous said...

Yup, that about sums it up. I vote that we eat Republicans first when cannibalism becomes necessary.

Anonymous said...

No thanks to consuming putrid and fetid remains of villains. Their souls are darker than than their wallets they fill. They do so while maintaining so called "white Christian values" to the detriment of innocent people around the world. Not only the elected vermin (sorry vermin creatures) but every single slime that voted for "it" and the others.