Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cooking Peacocks: Tasty! By Geniusofdespair

In Miami Dade County we are at a crisis with non-native species. Between the Peacocks and the Iguanas it is a surprise we have any native foliage left. Peacocks are a fowl so let's cook them and eat them (not just murder them as was done last week). The best recipe is at this link.

From the recipe:
After an arduous two and a half hours of blanching, plucking and a quick gutting it was done. The old boy was a lot harder to pluck than a young bird, that’s for sure, as I needed a needle-nosed pliers to finish the job. After that I even shaved it with a straight razor to get it perfectly smooth since lets be honest: if an animal’s got skin that can be rendered a salty, crispy, golden brown, you want to eat that, yes you do.
Do I have a recipe for feral cats? I do, if you don't like artichokes skip this one. We had a popular recipe for Iguana Stew in 2008.

Heavens, "No Donald wait till the Peacock is cooked".

Carol, an Aide to  Former County Commissioner Katy Sorenson had this to say about the Peacock infestation in Katy's district:
I worked long and hard on this very issue when I was w/Katy Sorenson. First, they are called "Peafowl"...(and many agreed: Foul)...as you learned they are either beloved or hated. If I recall we FINALLY found someone who wanted them...not easy there. In other areas, such as here in Hot Springs, AR, they are desired for their beauty. Our botanical gardens just have introduced a few...wonder if they know what they are in for. I understand that they do eat snakes, so that's a plus. My best suggestion is to find someone who will 'export' them to other areas. It was a huge challenge to find a solution

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Anonymous said...

Now that is disgusting to even look at...the tail...ugh. Somehow I think this is one of those mails that don't "taste like chicken."