Thursday, May 04, 2017

Miami Dade GOP Congressional Delegation: you will LOSE your next election if you vote for Trumpcare today! ... by gimleteye

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How pathetic. Because the GOP Congress can't stand the idea of facing down constituents during the summer recess, it will now vote on an irredeemably flawed health care plan that members of Congress would never adopt for their own families, if they had to.

The idea of shifting high risk pools to the states is just another shell game/ grifter sidewalk scam. If you trust the state of Florida to protect your interests, just take a look at Citizens Insurance. Or Gov. Rick Scott's record as a health care executive who barely escaped federal indictment for healthcare fraud of his former company, that scavenged at the edges of health care reimbursement formulas.

No. Republicans are presumably the party of business, and yet the GOP Congress is proceeding on a vote today WITHOUT a review of the current plan by the Congressional Budget Office. They won't wait, because they KNOW that millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions are about to pushed into the high-speed traffic lane of the US health care insurance disaster.

Here's a message to the Miami-Dade GOP delegation to Congress: side with people, today, and your seat may be protected. Vote to support Trumpcare, and your political career is in deep jeopardy. Simple.


Anonymous said...

Remember their names: Mario Diaz Balart, Neal Dunn, and Brian Mast: “There are very few votes that define someone’s values like this one will. Representatives Diaz-Balart, Dunn, and Mast should do the right thing and oppose this reckless, partisan attack on people across Florida. This bill will kick millions off of their insurance, needlessly bails out big insurance companies, and strips nearly $1 trillion from healthcare funding, all in order to cut taxes for the rich. If they vote for it, they should fully expect to be held accountable by their constituents,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.

Anonymous said...

Because the success of Obamacare there should be no attempt to make it better.

Aetna will exit Obamacare markets in Virginia in 2018, citing expected losses on individual plans this year

Aetna had sold Obamacare plans in 15 states in 2016
The insurer said it would not sell Obamacare plans in Iowa next year.
Aetna expects it could lose $200 million or more this year on Obamacare plans.

Anonymous said...

So Anon 2, you want to prioritize Insurance company profits (and they are still VERY profitable) over our health? You're part of the problem. Meanwhile Aetna's CEO makes $30 million/year...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3 your logic dictates that any company losing money should be forced to continue to lose money.
Good luck with the beeper/pager store you must own. If you like your beeper/pager you can keep your beeper/pager.

Anonymous said...

From 1776 until 2010 there was no ACA. Now everyone will die because the middle class is getting a break. 234 years versus 7 years of lies and astounding cost increases that penalized the working class with income redistribution.

Anonymous said...

It is idiotic in post modern, post industrial era, folks are still holding to beLIEfs that education and health should be run like businesses. Education and health should be free in the post modern world which was the result of scientific diligence. The next technological leap and economic miracle, as it was proved in the tech 90's depends on massive education and a healthy society. The other option is to prepare for a regression, degeneration and collapse has happened in history to every culture ruled by fundamentalists.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Trump won Florida - and his number one selling point was repealing Obamacare - I guess the Congress could do nothing and let Obamacare continue to erode - then at the point of destruction and despair - the GOP could blame everything on the democrats - I'm not sure that helps any of us long term - time to get out of this mess the best we can

Anonymous said...

gop'ers should just f'ng die

Anonymous said...

This bill is fucking reckless political prostitution. The Congressional Budget Office has not delivered the cost breakdown. That's necessary for the Senate to even touch the bill. To the GOP 45 Supporters, you will get sick, your family will get sick. It's not a guess or a prediction or a curse - it's an absolute. We all get sick.

According to Time Magazine:

But what counts as a pre-existing condition? While it depends on the insurer—they have the right to choose what counts as "pre-existing"—these ailments and conditions were universally used to deny people coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit focusing on health care research.
Alcohol or drug abuse with recent treatment
Cerebral palsy
Congestive heart failure
Coronary artery/heart disease, bypass surgery
Crohn’s disease
Kidney disease, renal failure
Mental disorders (including Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia)
Multiple sclerosis
Muscular dystrophy
Organ transplant
Parkinson’s disease
Pending surgery or hospitalization
Pneumocystic pneumonia
Pregnancy or expectant parent (includes men)
Sleep apnea
But Cynthia Cox, Kaiser's associate director, notes that the above list is a conservative sampling of all of the issues and maladies that insurers could count as pre-existing conditions. " There are plenty of other conditions, even acne or high blood pressure, that could have gotten people denied from some insurers but accepted and charged a higher premium by other insurers" says Cox.
Here are some examples of those other conditions that experts have noted could hike premiums:
Acid Reflux
Celiac Disease
Heart burn
High cholesterol
Kidney Stones
Knee surgery
Lyme Disease
Postpartum depression
Seasonal Affective Disorder
"Sexual deviation or disorder"
The left-leaning Center for American Progress notes that high blood pressure, behavioral health disorders, high cholesterol, asthma and chronic lung disease, and osteoarthritis and other joint disorders are the most common types of pre-existing conditions.
Just how expensive are pre-existing conditions? A recent report from the Center for American Progress found that insurers could charge people with metastatic cancer as much as $142,650 more for their coverage, a 3,500% increase.

milly from hialeah said...

I am very disappointed in our Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, because I voted for him regarding other issues I hope he comes through on. While I do not like many things about Obamacare, this GOP plan, by what I am learning, is far worse.

Anonymous said...

Milly, where have u been reading? The NYTimes? Cnn, msnbc?

Anonymous said...

Imagine. People who voted for Trump and these republicans actually were voting for their own DEATHS!!!! Well, if the senate agrees to give the health care money that would keep all these millions of people alive to a few very rich families as tax breaks, back to the emergency rooms these people must go. Otherwise, these Trump, republican supporters need to begin preparing now, getting their affairs in order, so they can meet their maker.

Anonymous said...

24 million. That is going to be lot of dead people. And they had a party at the White House today in celebration of the potential coming of the deaths. I guess Trump figures only fools would be stupid enough to vote for their own demise. So why not have a party in the Rose Garden to celebrate them leaving the earth?

Anonymous said...

Apropos fulfillment of last November:
Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.
The culling of the horde at it's finest.
The mindless stampede has met the cliff.

But wait there is more:
A women faces jail time, for bursting out in giggling laving, when hearing heaped praise about the new supr court nominee!

Ohhhh what a wonderful world it is. If you are a 0.1% that is.

Anonymous said...

Unless FLDems and DadeCoDems find electable candidates to face off against Curbelo and Diaz-Balart, they will be re-elected.

I do know that Rep campaign donations fell off considerably during the Prez election last year. Lots of Repubs were sour on Trump.

milly from hialeah said...

To anonymous above:

I try to read from both sides and never follow the party. I voted Republican all the way in this past election, although I will continue to support Bill Nelson for Senate.

Regarding the new healthcare house bill, here are some things that are not good . . . and it did not come from NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC:

I am in favor of many of the changes, but not all. This is a terrible substitute that was rushed through the house with insufficient time to read, review, study and consider the consequences.

"Obamacare required every American to obtain health insurance, or pay a penalty. Trumpcare allows people not to purchase health insurance if they choose. However, there's a financial incentive to encourage individuals to maintain health insurance coverage: Insurers will be allowed to charge a 30% penalty on those who buy insurance after having a gap in coverage of more than 63 days.

Trumpcare will allow insurers to charge older adults up to five times the rates charged for younger adults.

Obamacare limited insurers to charging older adults a maximum of three times the rates charged to younger adults. Trumpcare will raise the ratio limit from three to five.

Currently, the maximum annual health savings account (HSA) contribution is $3,400 for individuals and $6,750 for families. Trumpcare increases the maximums to $6,550 for individuals and $13,100 for families beginning in 2018.

NEITHER Plan eliminates government dependency, lowers premiums and deductibles, nor provides for a fair and equal healthcare system for all citizens. The private sector should be treated the same as the public sector, and those working in government should stop using our tax dollars to pay for their healthcare. They need to start paying their own.