Friday, May 05, 2017

How To Protect Yourself From Trumpcare. By Geniusofdespair

Turn 65 and make sure you don't qualify for medicaid.

So far the Medicare voting block is so strong, the program has been left intact.

The rest of you, the rich politicians that you - and I mean YOU - voted in, they just don't care. It is a sad sad world out there. Beware of taking a pap smear twice. Who knows where that will lead. Your doctors notes, burn them. How can all these devout Christians lack compassion for the less fortunate, the sick. I guess I will say to them something that will resonate: May you burn in Hell you heartless Christians. May Jesus push you in the flames for your greed.

This is my favorite part "Allow employers to opt into the rules of any state for the purposes of determining annual and lifetime limits on coverage" - so New York companies can go by North Dakota's rules. Make sense in Trump's New World Order.

Meanwhile New Delphi is facing extreme heat.....a lot of death there.

Picture doing this at 111 degrees.
Remember, no air conditioning.... When are the 1,339  billion people of India going to start migrating because of weather? That will be the beginning of chaos. Forget border walls. Expect stampedes.


Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind that these people who call themselves Christian likely believe their creator will proclaim upon their arrival - 'Well done, my loyal and faithful servant'.

Total strategic voting from here on out. Party or person be damned. As IND I'll jump to the R side to primary my freedom-hating caucus Jack Ass Bill Posey out rather than sit by and watch the Dems blow it again.

Geniusofdespair said...

never ever ever be a registered independent. I jump between parties but I have never ever been an independent. It makes no sense

Anonymous said...

That train must be 125 degrees. I am surprised how few people have died ( I looked at the video on that link). Maybe they have adapted to heat.

Alex said...

Strategic voting is the way to go. Can you change parties quickly and vote in the same primary for both parties?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 responds: To Genius.Being an IND at least gives me some shred of privacy as to my vote, and (even thou it matters not I know) feel it helps when bitching out my reps them not knowing if I voted for them or not. Bonus: less junk mail at election time.

Alex - You have some months before the election - the cut off may be in August where you can switch parties, and I did so on-line. Same for switching back right after. You can only vote in ONE PRIMARY! That is the strategy part - each district will be different. I did this a few yrs ago for a local election that was dire. The incumbent a crook now facing trial for fraud. It helped to get the right person in even if he had an R next to his name.

Anonymous said...

Its worse, India is in the process of buying huge numbers of small inefficient AC all using Climate busting gases that are set to increase CO2 outputs. Last time this happened in China it contributed to the jumps s in atmospheric CO2 from China despite other ways China has tried to lower its pollution.
There was a debate if India was to switch to more efficient but costly AC or to stick with cheaper less efficient units. Trump's election and the USA refusal to endorse the Paris accords all but seals our fate on the Indian AC debate and other issues.