Tuesday, May 16, 2017

County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro Running for Higher Office. By Geniusofdespair

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I was so happy to hear that Bruno Barreiro had decided to run for US Congress (Ileana's soon to be vacated seat) because of the 'Resign to Run' law in Florida.  I figured that would get him off the County Commission. Then I looked the law up, and "Federal" office is not included in the law:

(3)(a) No officer may qualify as a candidate for another state, district, county, or municipal public office if the terms or any part thereof run concurrently with each other without resigning from the office he or she presently holds.

Bummer. Bruno Barreiro, as a County Commissioner, is already operating on the Peter Principle. He has been one of the unreformable majority since Gimleteye invented the term to describe the worst of the County Commissioners. I don't think either of us ever had one good thing to say about him in the 10 years we have been writing this blog, and we wrote 64 blog posts including him. Here is one.

If anyone votes for Bruno for Congress they will embarrass the State of Florida in the eyes of the rest of the country. I too get tongue tied, like Bruno, but I am not running for anything. I could neither orate nor debate vocally, which is required of a US Congressman. Bruno can't do either just like me. He is not persuasive AT ALL. He gets dragged along by his favorite lobbyists. And they do furnish him with short sentences. Barreiro botched the Marlin's stadium deal and should forever be held accountable for that.

State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez is running. It is a no-brainer. He is destined for greatness. Daniella Levine is staying out of the race so I do think he has the best chance. Go Jose! Bruno, sigh, really? Do you really want to put yourself out there? Are you that delusional? Oh, man. This Country is a mess. Do you know that we got rid of the worst County Commissioner Joe Martinez - second only to Natacha Seijas - with 'Resign to Run'? And then the stupid voters put Joe Martinez back in again!  I am getting too old for this. I have given up on the County Commission completely.

A blast from Bruno's Past:

Commissioner Bruno Barreiro May Be Involved In Conflict Of Interest
Eleazar David Meléndez Daily Business Review (this never went anywhere)


A Miami-Dade County commissioner has not disclosed he's liable for a contractor's $300,000 mortgage, as required by law, and appears to be financially benefiting from his district office lease, an investigation by the Daily Business Review has found. State disclosure forms required of public officials do not list a 2010 balloon mortgage obtained from Miami plumbing contractor Javier Cruz, which was co-signed by Commissioner Bruno A. Barreiro Jr. and his parents.

The mortgage is not only undisclosed but also appears to create a conflict of interest for the commissioner.


Anonymous said...

Apparently name recognition unfortunately works for many peter principal politicians. This gives the community mediocre at best representation.
Javier is well above the field in depth and knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for his wife either, she is running in the City of Miami for the City Commission.

Anonymous said...

Bruno Barreiro has served honorably on the county commission. He has never been offensive, petty or vulgar - which puts him way ahead of most of his colleagues; especially the former mayors of west miami and sweetwater. As for not being verbose, consider the adage that "still waters run deep." He is thoughtful and is not enamored with the sound of his own voice. Maybe Mario Diaz Balart, who crows like a mad rooster, and votes the party line against the interests of his own constituents, could learn from Bruno.

Geniusofdespair said...

Are you out of your mind?